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Bethereum is a blockchain-based innovative social betting solution. The site was developed to solve issues emanating from conventional betting and comes with a plethora of unique features and additions. The platform focuses on sports betting for now; however, the R&D department is working day and night to create an ecosystem and launch the Bether token as the go-to betting coin!

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What Is Bethereum?

Bethereum is derived from a collaboration between Ethereum tech and powerful applications and tools to create a versatile Bethereum framework.Punters will be glad to know that fronts them maximum security and transparency powered by a decentralized platform and smart contracts.

The gambling niche is going through an innovation revolution where Bethereum and others are creating unique gamification and social elements that propel the fun in betting!

How Bethereum Works

The developer has created a platform that leverages blockchain tech, guaranteeing gamers a safe and transparent betting space. By taking out the middleman, players make straight bets, create the rules, and produce the liquidity needed to fulfill payouts. The Smart Contracts technology goes towards protecting punters’ funds. Moreover, Smart Contracts have been configured to automatically distribute winnings based on the setup wager conditions and outcomes.

The whole process is decentralized, self-regulating, which are steps that take out third parties, leaving it safe and promotes trust. Blockchain-based BetherNet protocol is the engine that powers the entire Bethereum solution network. Solutions provided include Smart Contracts, Bethereum Wallet, and a host of other tools.

Why Bethereum Stands Out From The Competition

The beta version for starters is light years ahead of the competition. Not only is it tested and proven to work, but it also shows that blockchain technology will disrupt the gambling industry.

Bethereum developers are working around the clock to ensure that they provide an intuitive, innovative, betting application in the gambling industry. The platform provides a whole range of supporting content starting with sports betting, fantasy, eSports, and third-party games such as casino and slots.

Bethereum brings together powerful gamification elements that in-turn produce an excellent gaming experience. Case in point; features such as achievements, social chats, alliances, badges, and leader boards are all integrated. Punters can take part in several competitions and events which keep them engaged and a reason to come back!

Developers are thinking beyond creating a fancy blockchain-based sportsbook. They are thinking long term and desire to create both a B2B and B2C ecosystem. Moreover, developers are working hard to have the Bether token become a global betting standard.

The betting platform is designed to provide the needs of broader business and consumer bases, white-label customers, casual bettors, third-party game providers, high rollers, marketing affiliates, and conventional betting operators. Every consumer, partner, and game provider will be using the Bether coin, conducting transactions and operations on the BetherNet betting protocol!

What To Expect in the Future

Bethereum goes above just betting, its comes with both scalability and versatility in its core structure. The platform’s initial step is sports betting and is set to grow and include more content such as; third-party games and eSports.

Bethereum has been created to factor in an entire ecosystem, including high rollers, traditional betting agencies, casual bettors, white-label customers, affiliates, and third-party developers. The ERC223 digital token will power them; Bether.

BETR Business Model

Bethereum platform is simple to use; it’s transparent, safe, and provably fair. Punters only need to place a wager on single or multiple events, assign the minimal amount, and dictate the ways the winnings will get split.

Other players can take part in the wager by providing their event predictions. Once the events culminate, Smart Contracts kick in and automatically calculate winnings and proceed to award Bether tokens according to the agreed split rules.The business model operates through the following revenue avenues;

  • Fees and Commissions: they are taken from the various activities happening on the Bethereum platform, including wagers, High roller club, sponsored groups, specialized services in-app purchases, etc. 
  • Commissions are also derived from partners who adopt the Bethereum Core Framework Fees to cater for white-label solutions. 
  • Third-party Developers Revenue Share: developers have created a platform that generates not only returns from Bethereum platform but also the underlying technology. 
  • The revenue diversification promotes better financial performance and lowers operational risks. 
  • Betting companies, together with gaming operators, will need to rebrand their licenses to have a smooth run on the Bethereum platform. 

The platform features flexible technology designs that allow Bethereum to offer turnkey solutions at minimal betting companies as it re-introduces back all the fun that betting offers.

BETR Coin Value

The Bether token is both unmineable and deflationary, which possesses a strong potential to multiply both in value and liquidity. The token is wholly compatible with the ERC20 standard making it easy to transfer and store in popularly used Ether wallets

Bether demand is set to increase as more punters engage on the platform encouraging new businesses and operators to join and become part of the ecosystem. Gamblers will have to part with a 3.75% of all winnings as a way of covering third-party cost services including; data feeds, Smart Contracts, and statistics. Smart Contracts will consume 10% of the commission, thus leading to a short token supply and an ever-increasing Bether token value.

Why Bethereum Is Important

Betting is an ancient worldwide activity. Players across the planet actively bet thus making the industry as a whole grow in size, leading to the increase of both matches and wagers. In return, industry pioneers receive huge profits on their investments at the expense of gamblers that paid staggering amounts to take part in various betting platforms. The Bethereum platform utilizes decentralized blockchain tech systems.

The step takes away the central power from being fully controlled by betting giants, thus creating a level betting ground. The result is a betting process that remains simple, transparent, and entirely trustworthy.

With such an undertaking, all involved parties get to see what happens with their wagers, and the platforms’ operations, which is a significant milestone in understanding the betting industry to become free and fair.

Bethereum ICO

The Bether token is at the center of this new platform; it will be used to undertake all sorts of transactions, including both the gaming and wagering platforms. The presale one billion token supply was done in February, the following month; it sold out for a cool $4 million!

Final Thoughts

Bethereum combined with Ethereum blockchain technology is geared at creating a transparent peer-to-peer gambling platform. It will eliminate the middleman and instead place betting odds at levels points where every participant becomes a winner.

It will also guarantee that winnings don’t get delayed and instead get paid directly into participants wallets. Bethereum gambling platform is a simplified entertaining invention that possesses limitless scalability.

It has been designed to factor in various gaming activities such as fantasy sports, eSports, and casino games. A unique Bethereum platform feature is the prevention of funds manipulation by using blockchain tech, which promotes transparency.

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