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Today, only a handful of platforms have been set up to handle decentralized sports betting. Better Betting is one of said platforms; it has introduced a coin known as BETR that punters use when engaging on the platform. Many gamers are taking an interest in decentralized gambling and in particular because the site doesn’t promote KYC and they participate in peer to peer betting. 

Blockchain Casinos

Moreover, with this new revolutionary decentralized technology, gamblers are not exposed to any counterparty risk, and their accounts can neither be suspended nor limited. Blockchain technology is prevalent in this gambling arena.

The tech documents every action taking place and timestamps every bet entered. The wagers get graded quickly and are transferred directly to the player’s wallet, which he is in total control over.

Ethereum Blockchain Betting

BETR is programmed to use Ethereum blockchain. The platform has been configured to be accessed through regular PC browsers and mobile app. The platform is home to numerous sports, and all punters need to do is purchase BETR tokens and get started. Moreover, has been configured with a telegram bot that connects directly to the gamers wallets; it’s easy to use the telegram bot.

BETR comes with a web wallet in which gamers use their Changely to purchase BETR tokens through Bitcoin, Credit Card, and various methods. Some players have cited that then only risk they face using this platform emanates from the BETR price. Better Betting affords punters a plethora of betting options while the odds remain highly competitive with top sportsbooks including the likes of BetOnline, 5dimes and several others.

However, the platform doesn’t offer an option for teasers nor parlays, which many gamers cite to be a great thing. The betting amounts increase monthly making it easier for players to come across the top sporting events listed on enhanced odds. 

If you are not yet convinced about becoming a gambler and would want to get exposed to the sports betting market, Lay Betting is a great place to begin. You are also at liberty to opt for the other side of users bets as well as “Lay.” The interface has been simplified, making it an easy task to set up a single bet, event, or even the entire sport.

Lay betting whole sports and events is an ideal venue for those not prepared to undergo through the process of opening up a sportsbook.

BETR Price ICO price started at 10 cents and went up to 0.0025USD, which is a quarter of a cent. BETR price has been dipping just like the rest of the crypto market. Some suggest that we are nearing the bottom place for the crypto market. The question is, would you feel awesome holding a BETR bag of tokens after it shoots up to 100% or after it dips to a tiny fraction of its ICO price?

What Are The Betting Fees?

BETR doesn’t charge any fees. Gamers are only required to cover the Ethereum gas prices. Players are needed to have Ethereum in their possession to cover gas before placing a bet.The promotion they run covers the gas cost for bettors, and it automatically tops up once the ETH balance goes below 0.02.

Smart Contract Betting Platform Defined

Smart Contract betting acts as a peer to peer agreement engaged in a transaction. Smart contracts take out the need for using a third party. The trade gets authorized and executed via cryptography. The exchange of assets or digital currencies is done in public, in real-time, and is permanently stored in a series of computers that form the blockchain.

What Types Of Sports Will Be Present In Future?

The Better Betting Node (BBN) holds in place a directory of sporting events, selections, and markets that can be added to by any agent. It’s wise to note that the options aren’t limited to a single node.

Also, the decentralized betting platform welcomes the potential for any possible bets. Sports such as Hockey and Basketball will be added on to the platform soon, so are golf, tennis, and horse racing.

Placing Bets On BETR

To commence with the betting process, punters need to have set up a BETR wallet. The wallet will hold in place ETH and BETR tokens to be used as gas transaction costs. Users are encouraged to visit and proceed to either sign in or create a new account. Players that continue to bet using the mobile app will be prompted to either sign in or register a new account.

After setting up the wallet, it becomes easy to view the available markets and events. It’s up to punters to select what they wish to bet upon and come up with the best odds. They will also deliberate on the amount they want to place a bet. Immediately after making a wager, it gets confirmed and registered in their betting history domain.

The Duration Of Receive Winnings

Winnings pop up in the wallet the instance the score gets settled. It might take between ten minutes or less, depending on how the Ethereum network is behaving at that time.

Download BETR iOS App

BETR application is still being refined; the developer is promising to update the iOS community with a functioning app soon. However, BETR app is already functional on Google Play; other punters not on Android can use the website for now

Layers Bets

Layers are not required to take out the lay once the event goes live. They’re only requested to wait for results as every aspect is done remotely and automatically by smart contracts.

More frequently than not, bets are declined by the Layer if they fail to match parameters. Instances where the price/odds or liability limit get moved during the time in which the bet was placed to match the time in which the system processes the bet. Once a wager is placed, odds get checked immediately to ensure that they match and avoid getting suspended. The bet either gets declined or placed on cleared Ethereum.

If there is a delay in the Ethereum network, the wager can still get rejected when the odds get checked against the block mine time which gets delayed between ten seconds and ten minutes at the time of confirmation.

The time the wager gets declined, it instantly reverted into the bettor’s account. The reversal happens mostly on bets placed close towards the beginning of an event.The max bet gets determined by the liability in which the Layer stipulates, and no wager gets confirmed unless if it comes with adequate funds to back up the wager.

BETR Summery

Peer-to-peer gambling powered by blockchain technology is the future. BETR is championing this type of gambling and leading the industry towards embracing decentralized sports betting. is a stable platform for robust and scalable sports betting that attract zero-fees, zero-margins, zero-percentages, and encourages instant payment.

There are a plethora of elements of sportsbooks, including account handling, cashier, odds book, etc.that breakdown into numerous components. So long as the components remain as incorruptible and robust, it’s not necessary that they get held in the same place. BETR distributes the elements in ways where any person from anywhere in the world can access and take part in the network.

Moreover; the market needs an opportunity where it also places bets with as many bettors as possible. The BBN design makes it possible for punters to come on board as sportsbooks or independent third parties, or both. BETR serves as a simple unit and vehicle that facilitates Betting; it teams up with BBN, thus making it the best token that permits liquidity pool.

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