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Many new crypto casino platforms aim to revolutionize the gaming industry and change the perspective of gambling. One of the main developers aiming to achieve this is BlockStamp which have developed a cryptocurrency ecosystem that offers amazing results. They have used the blockchain to provide the ultimate trust and security for gamblers along with creating their own ETH based currency called BTS. In this review, I will go through all the different aspects that make this platform one of the leaders and talk about how they are using cryptocurrency technology to create the ultimate gaming site.

Blockchain Casinos

Many blockchain-based gambling platforms are still at the development stage and all that is available is a White Paper that explains what the developers wish to achieve. BlockStamp is ahead of the crowd as it is fully up and running so gamblers can sample the amazing choice of titles that are all provably fair.

BlockStamp Crypto Infrastructure

BlockStamp.Games has been set up from the start to incorporate all of the best aspects of blockchain technology and since it is purpose-built for cryptocurrencies it makes for an outstanding experience. It is not a hybrid gambling platform that simply offers that chance to gamble with crypto as all the systems run on the ETH network. Thanks to creating its own Ethereum token called BTS there are many advantages that the platform can offer that would otherwise not be possible. These include the use of smart contracts that are in place to carry out all of the transactions which can not be altered in any way due to everything running in a decentralized environment.

BlockStamp BTS Token

The BlockStamp platform runs on its crypto called BTS which is listed on all the major cryptocurrency exchanges. It means that anyone can purchase and sell the tokens without having any issues.

The BTS tokens value is also protected by the approximate 2-year halving schedule which will mean that the value increases as the supply level drops. It is set to decrease by 50% for every 1,050,000 blocks that are created which are estimated to take around two years. The crypto works similar to the likes of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) which blocks creation is automatically adjusted difficulty by an algorithm (DAA). There is also a finite supply which is set at just under 105 million which gives the price future valuation protection and means it should rise as the supply goes down.

Due to the creation of its blockchain games, it means that the transaction times are faster than other platforms that offer the same. With times that are less than 1 minute, it provides greater security along with faster payments thanks to quicker confirmation times. It can also handle transactions up to 1MB so everything can be included in a single transaction including documents along with signatures.

Zero House Edge Games

All of the games at BlockStamp.Game have a zero house edge attached meaning no profits are generated through an algorithm that is designed to ensure the operator always wins. Presently there are only 4 games available which include; no-zero roulette, crypto dice, lottery, and slots. There are also plans shortly to add blackjack along with Texas Hold “em. All of the statistics of the games played are displayed on a public ledger that can be found on the sites main menu.

Built For Players Not Profits

Traditional casinos have been built to make the maximum amount of profits from gamblers and in some cases, they have gone too far that they have set up systems to ensure they cheat players out of their money. Blockchain developers such as BlockStamp have addressed this matter and are purpose-built for disruption rather than profits. All of the games run on a closed-loop system on the blockchain so that operators or players can not manipulate outcomes.

Test Your Gambling Strategy

The chance of winning at BlockStamp is guaranteed to be equal for all so that means that the outcomes will not be altered and give a genuine chance to win. It makes it a fantastic platform to test different gambling strategies and these can even be tested for free using the demo coins. Many traditional online casinos also have an option to play for free but what you will find is that the odds have been increased in the players favor during this mode to try to tempt them to part with their money and gamble for real. This is not the case at BlockStamps as the smart contracts and RGN are generated through the blockchain.

BlockStamps Random Number Generation

Traditional online casinos random number generators are carried out on the operators own servers which can be very problematic as it leaves questions open about trust. Blockchains RGN is generated through using the blockchains SHA256 hashing functions which means it can not be exploited in any way. It means that all of the games offer untempered randomness which can be checked as all transactions are individually record on a publically available ledger.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to test out new gambling strategies, you can not go wrong at BlockStamp Games. With regular competitions that have some of the largest cryptocurrency jackpots available along with a genuine provably fair chance to win it, this platform is a great example of crypto gaming. The choice of titles may be limited but with plans for many others soon, it will greatly improve. Due to being open source and built for non-profit gaming, it holds a level of trust never seen before in the industry. 

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