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BTCDraft is a sports gambling platform that grants gamblers with the chance to utilize their skills and acquired knowledge of casino and arcade games. The platform features a fully functional casino and auction house. The developer has created a unique cryptocurrency coin that will be used by punters playing games on BTCDRAFT. The token is known as DraftCoin (DFT).

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What Is Draftcoin?

Without forming an ICO, BTCDRAFT has launched 20,000,000 DFT coins. The platform also reserves an additional 10,000,000 DFT offline, booking it for future use through a multi-signature secure wallet. 7,500,000 DFT has been earmarked for public sale, while the final 2,500,000DFT coins have been set apart for staking awards.

Draftcoin has been designed as a Proof of Stake (POS) cryptocurrency that works strictly on the BTCDRAFT platform. Players will have the ability to stake DFT in their local wallets and earn upwards of 12% APY.

DFT Coin is the proud owner of a cryptocurrency that has been created specifically for this gaming platform. Gamers will use this coin for placing wagers on the games features on this website. The token (DraftCoin) has been paired with the US dollar; the collaboration means that DFT will similarly fluctuate against the dollar as  Bitcoin. To shield users from currency value fluctuations DFT coin will be traded fully through the site.

Developers came to this decision after recognizing that the cryptocurrency market is volatile, prone to unjust and swift fluctuation that will be against gamblers’ favor. To leverage things, developers have integrated a unique exchange on the system, allowing parties transacting on the platform trade DraftCoin at the click of a button.

Punters are allowed to trade with their favorite coins together with Draftcoin; developers also promise to integrate more cryptocurrencies on the platform, encouraging diversity. Plans are underway to have Draftcoin listed on various cryptocurrency exchanges. 

In a nutshell, BTCDRAFT platform allows users to deposit popular coins, including Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, and BTC. Any coin transaction gets automatically transferred into Draftcoin, which acts as the main currency on this platform. An additional play-money feature known as FDFT is integrated into this platform, it contributes to the airdrops as well as the overall website activity.

DraftCoin Concept

Draftcoin is slated to be the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency that will take advantage of eSports gaming, and the gambling industry as a whole.  The developer, by launching Draftcoin will revolutionize how high-scores, and player statistics get stored. The innovation is geared towards encouraging users to multiply their cryptocurrency portfolios via casino games including;

As a new concept coin, Draftcoin will not be reserved for developers, nor will it be set aside for bounties. Any bounties or rewards will be bought from the DFT market at current rates and will be rewarded accordingly.

Draftcoins bought from pre-mined coins will have respectable BTC added into the order-book a move that will help support current market prices. Vision Draftcoin has been created to attract three kinds of users including;

A part of the developer’s vision while creating this platform is to encourage both experienced and new users to increase their crypto portfolios. They created a platform that allows them to use a new and exclusive coin and not depend on the commonplace trading coins. BTCDRAFT is a fun and unique way for users to accumulate wealth. The developer comes from the point of gamers building value through cryptocurrency investments as they have fun playing competitive games.

BTCDRAFT Features will feature an online casino in which gamblers will have the chance to stake their Draftcoin as a way to win more. The slots section allows players to wager their Draftcoin on the fruit machines. Moreover; there are eSports and games in which gamers will be allowed to take part in. They will have the chance to place wagers on their favorite players, or for a large portion of their winnings.

The platform function as all-in-one functional sports betting and casino systems that players can take advantage of. BTCDRAFT developers are working overtime to create an auction house that will be used in the buying and selling of memorabilia and sports-related items. The developer will continue engaging gaming developers requesting them to list games for an as-use fee.

Our Thoughts

BTCDRAFT will provide sports gambling, subsequent efforts, a fully functioning casino, and the auction house will be availed in this blockchain-based platform. BTCDRAFT concept is a new cryptocurrency that is developed for crypto gaming; it will be used for playing games on the website through the DraftCoin (DFT). DFT will pair with USD, meaning that if Bitcoin price moves against the dollar, the same will happen to DFT.

To shield users from currency value fluctuations, DFTCoin will be traded directly on The cryptocurrency coin will also be exchangeable with numerous other cryptocurrencies.

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