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The new age of gambling is upon us. Now, it’s your turn to rake in the chips and win big! Crypto gambling is the latest and safest way to try your luck online from anywhere in the world. Unlike traditional online gambling that is prohibited in most states of the USA, crypto gambling is proving to be different. Digital currency is considered FIAT, which means that it’s not recognized internationally. 

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It also means that the law isn’t restrictive to crypto gambling as it is to USD, EUR, Pound, and other national currencies. Ready your bankroll and check out the guide below to get all the basics for playing with cryptocurrency online in 2020. 

Crypto Gambling Defined

The main difference between crypto casino and traditional casinos is the currency used. Crypto gambling functions like standard casinos only that punters use the virtual currency to place wagers. Most digital currencies used include BTC and ETH.

Traditional casinos take days to weeks to verify your bank account as well as your identity before you’re permitted to play. If you hail from nations that have banned gambling, you will be unable to make deposits from your bank. Crypto gambling offers the opposite. Deposits and withdrawals in your account are anonymous. Your information isn’t attached to any cryptocurrency transaction. 

In as much as the IRS declares that virtual currency counts as a taxable commodity, they have limited means to track your expenditures. Besides; crypto casinos verify your deposit as soon as you place it; you don’t need to wait for approval from any bank. Digital currencies make it possible to transfer funds with ease and discreetly, to and from your account. Online Gambling Legality Across the planet, the number of countries that have legalized gambling cannot reach 100. 

Most countries that have legalized gambling are concentrated in Europe. Some countries in the Caribbean also offer friendly online gambling policies. It’s mandated that gambling websites should be registered in a legal jurisdiction. With this requirement, most gambling websites are registered in countries such as; Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, Barbuda, Antigua, or Malta. 

Online Crypto Gambling USA

Three states in the United States of America offer a legal framework for online gambling and sports betting. New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware are the first three states to recognize online gambling as a legitimate business. More states are expected to follow suit, raising the number from three to six. The new states that now recognize crypto gambling include; New York, West Virginia, Mississippi, and Rhode Island. 

If you have read the best roulette betting strategies and want to try your luck, try the states named above! Cryptocurrency gambling is akin to various forms of online gambling in the US. Should such a site be registered in the US, it should operate from one of the states mentioned above. Punters that play outside of the states that have legalized crypto gambling will be breaking the law. 

Fortunately; you’ll be a simple player that the FBI has no interest in. The law is fixated at the source of the illegal activity. 

How Is Blockchain Secure?

So how is it that your funds are more secure in cryptocurrency accounts than they’re in a financial institution? Simple; blockchain technology not only safeguards your funds, but it also makes it possible to gamble anonymously. 

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies exist on a blockchain in digital space. Blockchain tech allows users to make near-instant transactions with zero to minimal transfer fees. Blockchain tech is used in building virtual currencies thanks to it being secure. 

The space in which the cryptocurrency data gets stored isn’t linked to the player’s information. The currency the gambler uses makes up a block on a chain of blocks. Every action taken with the coin proceeds to create another block on the same chain. 

Every block comes with a unique identification key, as well as a security key. The identification key is available publicly and only works when used together with a corresponding private key. Every transaction made grants the gamer relevant info for both keys. The identification key holds all the data on info for the amount as well as the transaction destination. The transaction destination allows the punter to retrieve the currency by unlocking the block using a security key. Such actions go to fully secure transfers since users get complete control over the access to their funds.

Without the security keys, the funds remain untouchable, thus making blockchain security unhackable. Punters that lose their security key end up losing their currency. Case in point; there are millions of dollars in Bitcoin that will forever remain on the blockchain ledger since users lost their security keys.

Before 2016 where BTC was worth very little, investors disregarded while some lost the information on their coins. Fast Forward to 2016, where every BTC coin’s value rose to $20,000, and they started sweating diamonds trying to recall their security keys. Today, the value of BTC is around $8,000, which is still a handsome amount for those who bought their coins for pennies.

How To Gamble With Crypto

Thanks to BTC and various cryptocurrencies, punters can play safely from the comfort of their smart devices. Cryptocurrency gambling sites play host to all the slots, games, and sports betting associated with reputable online casinos. Deposits and withdrawals from crypto casinos do, however, require extra steps such as approving the transaction via email or text message. 

Selecting the Cryptocurrency

Before you start playing, you need to place a deposit in an accepted currency. Most crypto casinos accept BTC or ETH or both. To buy either or both currencies, you should head out to; the platform allows users to purchase five of the most reputable crypto coins on the market. You can use USD to make your purchase.

Create a Crypto Wallet

After making a purchase, you should store the proceeds in a wallet. However, please remember it’s impossible to transfer cryptocurrencies from your coinbase account to another online account. You have to pass the funds into your crypto wallet at first.

Crypto Casino Deposits

After transferring your funds into your wallet, then you can move the same into your crypto gambling site account. The instance your funds clear, you can start playing. Specific crypto gambling sites require additional steps. If the site offers its in-house cryptocurrency gambling coin, you will purchase the same using either BTC, ETH, or other crypto coins. The process is likened to paying for chips in a traditional casino.

When you wish to cash out your playable coins, you can exchange them for an original currency that you can withdraw.

Our Take

Thanks to crypto, any person in the world can participate in the recreation of online gambling. You, too, are welcome to do the same. The tables are hot; you should get your chips at the crypto casino or gambling site you prefer. Just remember to gamble responsibly so that you make sure the experience stays fun and if you feel things getting out of control stop to seek professional help.

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