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Many traditional online casinos have been accepting bitcoin for several years. it has gained popularity with gamblers and now accounts for a 10% share of total gambling revenue. Blockchain technology is playing a vital role in creating the next generation of gambling platforms and now we are seeing many new concepts powered by different blockchains and cryptocurrencies. This purpose built crypto casino projects can outperform current online casinos by offering better chances to win for gamblers, great anonymity, ownership dividends for all involved along with a host of other advantages.

Blockchain Casinos

Most gamblers do not presently understand why it is better to gamble at a real blockchain casino against a traditional online casino. Many are fearful of cryptocurrency due to reading negative news stories and not understanding how the technology works to their advantage. Below is a simple guide that will help you to understand how they work and the benefits attached to using them for gambling purposes.

How Cryptocurrency Works

Cryptocurrencies have been developed to be both safe and secure. They are based on a transaction system. Cryptocurrencies have come to take out intermediaries such as central banks. Miners are invited to check the transactions to ascertain that there are no double entries. Such activities ensure that money laundering or fraud issues are nipped at the bud. Without banking or political influence, your cryptocurrency funds remain secure.

Cryptocurrency systems encourage peer-to-peer transactions. The network is checked thoroughly to ensure that only transactions where all parties are involved agree on getting approved.

Top-Tier Cryptocurrencies

Today, there are dozens of cryptocurrencies in the offing. However, we have the most popular cryptos; on top of this list is Bitcoin (BTC). The coin has gained a lot of attention and remains popular across the world. BTC was created under the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero, Waves, Augur, Ethereum Classic, and NEM made it to the top list. Ethereum runs on a Turing-complete programmable platform; this means developers are allowed to create new apps and technologies that are incompatible with Bitcoin.

The Ethereum platform is built on the blockchain-tech network. Ripple, on the other hand, implements an iterative consensus process which makes it’s processes and transactions faster than those of Bitcoin.

How You Can Use Cryptocurrencies

There are plenty of things that you can do with cryptocurrencies, starting with purchasing goods. Today, the apple store accepts over ten forms of cryptocurrencies as payment gateways. More hotels, apps, shops, flights, restaurants, computer parts are also accepting cryptocurrency payments. Some colleges are also allowing students to pay for their education with cryptocurrencies!

Many others are diving into the investment pool, and are making a killing with crypto investments. But bare in mind that cryptocurrency markets are high-risk investments, and their market value fluctuates rapidly. Moreover, not all countries are warming up to cryptocurrencies; you should be careful where you invest. But on the bright side, you can become a miner; you will take up the role of a virtual bookkeeper.

Select an online cryptocurrency you prefer working with and take up the role of solving complicated cryptographic puzzles. The puzzles are necessary for confirming transactions and recording the same into a blockchain-block that functions as a distributed public ledger. Businesses are being encouraged to accept Bitcoin as a payment option. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are also used in various online casinos and new-age gambling platforms.

Cryptocurrency Advantages

Cryptocurrencies help users become anonymous; most people prefer using this gateway because cryptos are fast, anonymous, and ultra-private. Most people use them as payment in online casinos and enjoy a quality payment experience. Moreover, since they eliminate the need for third-parties, users end up paying little to no transaction fees for using said services. 

Final Thoughts

There is still a long way to go before we see mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and this will be the case until either the present financial system collapses or a new groundbreaking blockchain invention happens that is a must-have. That breakthrough could happen in the casino and gambling industry as we are already seeing zero house edge games and community ownership thanks to crypto business models.

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