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Every year, players in the online gambling sector are profiting from generated billions of dollars. At the same time, the crypto gambling segment is contributing to a more significant percentage of the above total. There are a few advantages associated with gambling with cryptocurrency and BTC, for casinos as well as gamblers. These advantages include; 

Blockchain Casinos
  • Fast Transactions: Deposits and withdrawals using BTC are fast. Transactions are completed within an hour or less, with other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin, transactions are even faster.
  • Cheaper Alternative: compared to standard payment methods used in the gambling industry crypto transactions are more economical to process. Because the casinos have eliminated the need for using intermediaries.
  • Anonymous Gambling: In as much as the coins and transactions can be tracked. Punters don't need to share any personal data whence they make the crypto payments. Hence the reason why loads of gambling-related services have popped up in the market as the trend is still active.

The Aspects of Launching a Crypto Gambling Business

Below, we go through the nitty-gritty of launching a proper crypto gambling platform:

  • License: A while back, loads of crypto casinos came into the fore without having operational permits. Today, things are a bit different. The competition is high, and a lot of reputable brands are now embracing the crypto lifestyle. It's rather difficult to acquire clients without licenses.
  • Trusted Game/Odds Providers: If you're planning to run a sportsbook or a casino, you have to gain trust with players. You should also feature original games or odds for your business. You should refrain from using pirated scripts as they can be spotted with ease, thus ruining your reputation.
  • Development Team: you don't require a huge team to get started; however, you should have a front-end and a back-end developer. You should have an assistance designer that handles the web designs and a group of creatives to manage your campaigns.

Also, pay special attention to balancing management functions such as deposits and withdrawals. You should prioritize this to avoid punters getting enraged when their funds get stuck somewhere, or they move slowly. 

Preparing Your Website For The Leads

By now, you should have created a gambling platform that features trusted games on board and is fully licensed. However, you are not yet able to attract players since no one knows about your project, and those that have a clue, are not willing to give it a go. At this juncture, you should prepare your marketing strategy and create room for the right kind of employees to handle: 

  • Bonuses: A must-have for gambling websites. You should have bonuses that are attractive to potential customers. Create them as 1st bonus, 2nd deposit bonus, and reload bonuses. You can also use the no deposit bonuses feature which attracts potentials by the droves. Traffic driven bonus programs also come in handy; however, be careful that potential gamers don't abuse the bonus features.
  • Automated Emails: A welcome email should be among the first things that you set up. In this email; ensure that you mention all current bonuses as well as promotions alongside a friendly welcoming message. Automated series of emails is a perfect sequence to keep the newly registered users engaged.
  • Customer Support: All products require support. More so, in the gambling niche. A high percentage of customers will make inquiries for basic stuff before they make their first deposit. They do so to check the level of care as well as the professionalism of the platform's support team.
  • Terms and Conditions: Many signees will skip reading this part; however, you must create proper T&C terms. You should list down all aspects and potential violations. The T&C document should have the rules about everything that you offer, including Deposits, Withdrawals, Bonuses, and Promotions.

Where To Get Traffic

As much as your platform has plenty to offer users, you should stimulate them with bonuses, give them payment gateways to receive deposits, and make withdrawals. Below, we show you avenues to generate quality traffic; 

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization, start by optimizing your website for the right keywords. In as much as it will be next to impossible to occupy the number one spot on Google, you can still rank high and get good traffic. Cryptocurrency gambling came into the fray in 2012. That means all top Google positions are divided between veteran gambling brands and affiliate sites, so you can try your luck to topple some off that list.
  • Forums: You should have a start topic in a gambling section of Bitcoin talk. Share more concerning your product. However, please note that it will take a bit of time before you start generating solid leads when you're new to the market. You have to introduce tasty bonuses such as no-deposit gameplay, which will expose your site to a lot of abuse.
  • Affiliates: There are loads of gambling affiliate websites that are ready to promote your product. You have to introduce a revenue sharing program, however. The problem is, substantial affiliate platforms already have massive deals with industry-leading brands that are hard to beat. You will need to dedicate a full-time manager who will come up with special revenue-share conditions that will be suitable for huge players. You will also set aside a budget to use in your month-t-month affiliate conferences.
  • Paid Advertising: by far, this is the quickest and most effective way to get started. Paid advertising is a considerable traffic resource that can be set up fast and has the potential to bring in customers immediately. Unfortunately, Google and Facebook advertising doesn't don't allow gambling ads. You have to think up with ingenious ways to publish advertisements.
  • Personal Outreach: You should start contacting all crypto gambling related sites. Use this chance to purchase banner or listing positions on offer. The outreach method is hard, both physically and morally. A majority of the time, you won't get answers at all, and you will also be bombarded with pricey services.
  • YouTube: Working with vloggers that post their content on YouTube is an excellent way of generating traffic. Prominent vloggers command loyal audiences who follow the advice of their idols. Unfortunately, YouTube is now on a rampage against gambling ads and is deleting videos that mention gambling. Hence why it's hard to find vloggers that are ready to feature your gambling site.
  • Advertising Networks: these are independent platforms from Google. They command their list of publishers selling ad space to network advertisers. Cointraffic is such a network; it focuses mainly on cryptocurrency audiences. Cointraffic allows users to launch three separate types of ads, including Native Ads, Banners, and Press Releases. The latter will come in handy by helping you gain juicy backlinks that will help your SEO efforts.

What You Should Do With The Traffic To Your Website

Acquisition: you should create a landing page. The page should represent your brand reputation alongside a bonus offer that will make it possible for users to make a decision quickly. 

Segmentation: You should segment users through the value they bring aboard. Use this system to send relevant offers. Also, create a VIP services offer. 

Reactivation: You should come up with a strategy that is reactivate users that churn for some reason. 

Final Thoughts

Creating a new cryptocurrency gambling site is no mean fete. However, this niche holds a lot of profit potential and commands a massive pool of customers. Ensure that you have a proper team and marketing department in place before the launch.

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