ESBC Review

ESBC Review

Today’s online betting industry is riddled with issues. For starters, big developers running online betting platforms are not keen on adopting new trends and technologies. Nor are they interested in making their gambling site open and transparent.

Blockchain Casinos

To change the status quo and make gambling attractive the ESBC team of developers is working day and night to bring changes that will disrupt the industry. The development will focus on granting average gamblers with the following;

  • Speed and decentralization 
  • Anonymity 
  • Low commissions since the platform get rid of third parties

The conditions mentioned above come alive thanks to the incorporation of blockchain technology. ESBC will also create a conducive environment for players who fancy betting and using cryptocurrencies.

Anonymous Crypto Betting

When placing betting odds, a unique address for every possible odd get generated. The generated odds include; first team’s victory, second team’s victory, draws, totals, etc. Afterward, punters opt for anonymity options and in return are presented with wallet addresses where they will send crypto coins for their wagering. When gaming concludes, rewards won are sent to the provided address.

For anonymous coins, however, the transaction system operates differently. Punters provide addresses where their winnings will be deposited. They are then presented with unique addresses used for determining and identifying payments to guarantee that wagers placed were sent from the players participating.

If the betting team wins, the rewards are forwarded to the addresses provided by the players. With blockchain-based technology, anonymous betting will be availed to all cryptocurrencies used in the gambling sector.

ESCB Price Growth Potential

When it comes to sports gambling, cryptocurrencies volatility is one of the most criticized objects. Creating ways to handle this issue was given precedence in the economic scheme development. Drastic coin deflation measures were planned, and this step is set to positively influence the coins’ price, in turn, gamers’ deposits will remain stable.

In April (2019), block time in blockchain was altered from 60 seconds to 120 seconds; the move went further to stabilize and minimize emissions. The move means that after every six months, the number of coins released will be cut by half.

By the year 2022, the total number of coins that will be released in the market will be 25, 481, 245. Users that desire to add betting coins to the platform will be required to pay a commission to ESBC. The fee is charged to developers that want to have their coins integrated on the ESBC platform. The developers will have to purchase ESBC on Exchanges.

ESBC Betting Platform

The ESBC’s betting platform allows players to place bets on popular sports including cybersports. The primary platform features include;

  • Anonymous playing
  • Loyal attitude for professional cappers
  • Registration without identity verification
  • Preferential terms when ESBC cryptocurrency is used
  • Zero third party interference in financial operations

To use the ESBC platform conveniently gamers can register and log in to their accounts through social networks including; Facebook, and Discord. Moreover; punters are not required to provide their identification for verification. It doesn’t store user info on its platform hence making it’s secure and less vulnerable to hackers.

Loyalty To Professional Cappers

After analyzing profound issues within established betting firms, ESBC has adopted a concept of maximum reliability to any wagering methods on ESBC’s base platform.

The procedure ensures that they attract a higher volume of gamblers. The new concept removes the advantage points for the house, such as the house having an unfair advantage over gamblers, charging exorbitant transaction fees, etc.

No Third Parties

To guarantee anonymity, convenience, and minimize player expenses, ESBC has taken out the need to use third parties. By using cryptocurrencies, the platform takes a cautionary step in enhancing security for punters’ data.

Margins and Commissions

To promote competition, ESBC has significantly reduced bookmaker’s margins and deposit and withdrawal cryptocurrencies commissions. Using crypto enables users to place deposits, make bets, and withdraw coins from the platform and access their winnings within seconds.

Low commission rates grant users better coefficients when pitted against old betting platforms relying on the traditional financial system.

Betting Exchange

Betting exchange provides a betting platform for punters that wish to place wagers on sports events. On this platform, punters suggest how they want to place bets. Punters select a specific event and proceed to offer their coefficient and the wager amount on a particular result. In a nutshell, gamers sell their wagers by acting as bookmakers.

They can also accept betting conditions set up by another user when they desire to purchase the betting. By buying the bets, players convert into participants of the buying process where betting odds are goods.

Sports betting exchange takes up the role of a mediator providing users with a service for this kind of purchase. All the deals taking place on the betting exchange are done without commissions. 

Final Thoughts

The ESBC project is centered on reducing portal commissions to a minimum level. The developers ascertain punters that they will make the portal’s minimum commission among all competitors, giving the project a significant advantage. The team promises that the winnings will be between 12-16% higher than the competition.

ESBC betting portal will be using the ESBC coin as the only betting currency; the platform has been designed to allow gamers to deposit in-game items. Players will be able to select how they will receive winnings like; in-game items, coins, code to download games or ESBC. The project plans on charging only 1% commission as opposed to the 7-15% charged by the competition.

Creating a marketplace for gamers is another part of the development. Players will be able to trade in-game items and codes between themselves. Under this development, users will part with 1-2% as transaction fees, which is way lower than the average 10% charged by the competition!

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