FireLotto Review

FireLotto Review

We are living in the times of the emergence of cryptocurrencies. The many cryptos being floated about revolve around the gambling industry. The industry holds the key and potential for cryptocurrencies to blow up and go mainstream. FIreLotto is the latest gambling platform linked to this industry. is a newly launched (ICO) Initial Coin Offering that links to three lottery games. To play games, punters will have to purchase Tokens (FLOT). 

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Other than using the tokens for playing the three lottery games on offer, investors will also earn a percentage of every ticket that goes on sale. The question lingering on gamers minds is, what happens to the FLOT. We try our best to answer this query below. Games

Lottery games are etched into society since the days of old. A majority of humankind has taken part in the lottery in one way or the other. Having this knowledge in mind, fire Lotto developers have created an unbiased blockchain tech based on the global lottery platform. The traditional game has been designed to conform to future needs and wants! 

Fire Lotto will serve as an impartial lottery that will offer players huge rewards. Unlike the competition, the platform is set to give gamblers fast payments. Developers vowed to create a simple yet sophisticated platform that will come with a unique single-click buying system. The action will be fast and secure, and anyone with the necessary computer skills will use it with ease. is a decentralized ecosystem based on Ethereum. It will come with a transparent algorithm that makes it fair to all participants. Moreover; the platform will carry a complete and fully-functioning product that will be integrated with Ether Smart Contracts. The integration ensures punters get a provably fair, safe, anonymous, and secure gameplay. 

How To Play

The first step will involve purchasing FLOTs, which are Etherwallet tokens. Gamblers that buy will automatically become investors. As of today, 16,051,524 of a complete 77,000,000 FLOT pile has been sold. After buying, investors can choose to play lotteries, or opt for collecting percentages on every ticket that sells.

How FireLotto Lotteries Work

From our research, the only information we found out is that when the draw takes place, the clock runs down. Every lottery is shut down an hour before it takes place. A blockchain-backed random number generator kicks into action and anonymously selects winning ticket numbers.

The platform only offers a jackpot, in the FAQ section, it states that when the timer runs down, users should click on the lottery and proceed to “Draw Archive” to access results. There are four types of lottery games featured on this platform. 

Three kinds of games are linked to regular draws where if a gamer picks numbers; 4 of 20 will play a single game. If another picks 5 of 36 will play the second game, and if the third pick 6 of 45 will play the third type of play.

Gamblers are allowed to pick any of the three types of games by purchasing tickets that are as low as $2. They then proceed to select the numbers. Lotteries are held every 6 hours, and winnings are based on the guessed numbers if they appear correctly.

Case in point, if a player correctly guesses 4 numbers in the first game (4 of 20), he will receive the jackpot prize. If he gets three of the four numbers correct, he is entitled to win 33% of the award.

The fourth type of game acts as an instant lottery. It’s known as Roger’s Wheel and acts as a Wheel of Fortune. The game grants punters prizes based on where the pointer appears on the wheel. 

FLOT Token and ICO

FireLotto’s FLOT Tokens will be available for purchase thirty days after the ICO completion. Token holders will have a share of every ticket sold. Smart Contracts will see token holders profit from a constant source of income. For gamblers looking to cash-in early and not have to wait for months, token pre-sale is live.

Investors Profits

FireLotto Initial Coin Offer will see the introduction of yet another blockchain-based FLOT Token hit the market. The crowdfunding process will see investors stockpile FLOT tokens, hold them in reserve, a move that will help increase the token value.

As more players get interested in this platform and purchase tickets, investors will be eligible for a percentage. The more FLOT tokens investors have, the more percentage income they receive.

Who is

Tavaron Media Group is behind the FireLotto currency and lotteries. The company is headquartered in Cyprus and has a postal address and several email addresses. Selecting the contact us button opens up the email menu.

On the website is a list of people involved with the development and operations at FireLotto. Another list of numerous publications engaged in the development of this platform is also featured.

Selecting any of the icons featured opens up a press release which offers more details concerning FireLotto and the Initial Coin Offering. Unfortunately, there are no phone numbers listed.

Final Thoughts

FireLotto is backed up by fintech entrepreneurs who are well versed in online gaming and blockchain technologies. has come out to state that punters will earn crypto commissions on sold lotto ticket sales thanks to their rewards system. We are in awe of all the different cryptocurrencies being introduced now and then, in theory, they are worth nothing until the currency gets translated into cash.

Fortunately, many gambling based platforms are accepting cryptocurrencies, and all players have to do is pick crypto that is recognized to cash out!

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