The Mobile Blockchain Games Sector In 2020

Blockchain-Based Mobile Games

Mobile Blockchain Games

Just like most crypto backed activities, blockchain-based mobile games are yet to live up to their full potential. There are some quality blockchain mobile-based games that you can access through smart devices; unfortunately, none is that exciting. As it is now, the cryptocurrency field is seen more as an add-on aspect as opposed to being a must-have piece of tech. Punters are only downloading these mobile casino games to have fun playing during their free hours, and this means we’ll have to wait a little longer before we grasp blockchain’s full potential.

Blockchain Casinos

Blockchain-Based Mobile Games

Many game developers are developing more mobile-based blockchain games as opposed to creating apps for gaming consoles. Their argument is, mobile-based games are cheaper and easier to develop. Unfortunately, they claim that the returns are on the downside. The lack of transparency, as well as piracy, are huge factors that affect the mobile gaming space. It’s often difficult for developers to gather the necessary data they need to enhance their games.

Although alternative payment methods are rising, most payments within the mobile industry are primarily from SMS. The telephony market created an avenue for collecting payments from the unbanked population. Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America are perfect examples of places where users use mobile-based credit to make purchases. Unfortunately, the payment mode is not only slow but cumbersome for gaming developers.

Some get frustrated by the period (over 180 days) they have to wait before getting paid their share by SMS providers. Moreover, they get paid a mere 25% while the provider pockets the rest. Things are changing; however, thanks to Blockchain tech, the decentralized casino platform ensures that developers receive timely payments. The tech eliminates intermediaries thus enhancing efficiency and game quality for both developers and players.

Moreover, blockchain-based mobile games will help the unbanked population purchase games without relying on SMS credit. Developers will get their fair share of revenue (way above 75 percent) and be encouraged to continue producing more games and upgrades.

Cryptocurrency Killing SMS Payments

Through blockchain-based casino tech, developers have the chance of incentivizing games with crypto use to access data, take part in surveys, watch ads and in return earn revenue. Players’ identities will be identified on the blockchain platform thus stamping away piracy and getting rid of copyright infringements that see rogue developers create branded games spins off to provide users with free illegal gaming.

A blockchain-based mobile game known as lonomy allows punters to mine cryptocurrency. Although users are reaping low rewards, the platform is set to grow to become more efficient and profitable space for crypto mining.

The Current Blockchain Mobile Games Status

The mobile world is playing host to numerous blockchain casino games today. However, they’re yet to resolve all the issues about the mobile gaming industry. Most games are yet to provide gamers with solid games that keep them hooked. Even fewer games have fully invested in creating in-game crypto tokens. TrueFlip and FairPlay blockchain-based games have targeted the casual gaming crowd for now but are working to incorporate ecosystems that will allow punters to mine, earn crypto within the mobile application.

Blockchain Changing The Playing Field In Gambling Industry

As we go deeper into the 21st century, the playing field keeps changing. For any sort of business to thrive, it needs to adapt to the changes. Casinos of old and online gambling sites have seen that they need to accept cryptocurrencies if they wish to survive. For centuries, gambling has been entrenched into society, and fiat currency has always been the most preferred method of placing bets. However, as tech advances (we are living in the age of tech) we are witnessing more and more gambling platforms embracing crypto gambling.

As early as 2018’s first quarter, cryptocurrency penetration into the gambling industry had started showing. Platforms such as FairPlay Casino. announced that they were fully integrating cryptocurrencies into their space to facilitate money transfers for casinos and high-rollers.

The platform came up with proposals requesting punters using their domain to: created the roadmap that would make cryptocurrency use in the gambling industry easy and accessible. Since they are still running the pilot project, other industry players are holding back to see how viable the venture turns out to be. In the meantime; crypto-based gaming platforms continue to spread online.

Crypto Gambling Casino Platforms

1800 plus cryptocurrencies hold valid whitepapers. To have proper oversight and regulate the gaming industry, industry players suggest that crypto gambling needs to be more structured and they need to identify universally accepted cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has proven to be the most trusted and accepted cryptocurrency globally. FairPlay is using it to test the waters and should it succeed; then BTC will be well positioned to be the go-to universal crypto coin. What this means is, the integration of cryptocurrencies in this industry has created newer and not thought about financial avenues.

How Bitcoin Casinos Are Revolutionizing Gambling

As Bitcoin casinos continue growing in popularity, the gambling scenery is seeing an improvement in better gambling systems as well as the security around the blockchain gaming platform. To ensure that more revenue avenues are opened, players gain access to fair playing platforms, and transactions are more transparent, the gambling industry is integrating blockchain technology. Young and vibrant players are quickly bypassing casinos of old.

Blockchain-based casinos are now rallying all the players. Since they have more to offer, punters prefer them over traditional online-based gambling casinos that are not so secure. As for high-rollers, blockchain-based casinos stand to benefit more. The gambling industry is embracing change and is slowly shifting towards blockchain tech gambling platforms. To remain relevant, casinos are also investing in blockchain systems. Gamers now have the chance to use cryptocurrencies anonymously while gambling.

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