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Smart Games is at the cutting edge of provably fair blockchain games using the latest TRON technology to create a smart contract-based ecosystem that provides user benefits that have not been seen before in the gambling industry. Its sole purpose is to disrupt the gambling industry giants by offering better house edge rates with transparent provably rapid fast transactions that can handle complex gaming and entertainment sector solutions. It has created a buzz and so far even though it is early days, they are delivering on their promises in their White Paper.

Blockchain Casinos

The online graphics and improved gameplay have increased each since the web-evolution of gambling but the structure of the set up has progressed at a snails speed. It was many due to technical limitations which did not make it possible to change the way that profits are generated and disbursed. It has only been since blockchain technology has been around that it is now possible to transform the way that gambling takes place along with eradicating all of the issues which currently surround it such as fraud and manipulation. One of the leaders of this new age industry is SmartGames and in this Smart Games review, we will provide you with everything you need to know about this crypto gaming platform.

What Solution Does Smart-Games Provide?

SmartGames has many different key features that make it superior not just to traditional gambling sites but also its blockchain competitor. What provides it with the edge is the use of TRON technology to create its native token to create the ultimate casino gaming 100% fair platform.

You will not find a game on SmartGames that is not provably fair due to being a completely transparent transaction. All bets placed can be tracked which makes the system possible for anyone who desires to check the leger to ensure results not fixed in any way. Thanks to using the TRON blockchain it makes fees at almost zero and cheaper than others. It also has increased anonymity so gamblers can gamble anonymously wherever they are in the world.

What makes stand out from other similar sites is that it is not going to be just purely focused on blockchain games as those can be quite boring compared with other betting options. The platform is going to be the first to offer the latest smart contract player vs player games which will make things far more entertaining. It makes it possible for the best crypto PvP gaming in the sector and enables players to gamble against others at games such as Battleship and Tic-tac-toe.

What Makes Smart Games So Special?

Smart contacts are going to have a major role in reshaping many industries and one of the main ones that are already transforming due to this technology is gambling. Bitcoin casinos have been around a long time now but they do not provide the solutions that smart contracts can offer. They enable decentralized casinos to operate autonomously which means huge cost savings along with no chance of any third-party manipulating the system. Speed is another major factor as other blockchains have struggled to keep up with the high demands required to run such complect games which TRON has been designed to solve. is one of the first to utilize the TRON blockchain to create not only improve ecosystem and provably fair games but also to users become part of the project when purchasing the Tokens and rewarded accordingly depending on the amount they play. The more often the more free NSG tokens they will be rewarded with. These dividend payments are sent every 12 hours so there is no waiting until the end of the month to get your TRON payment. It can be instantly cashed out as it is a no strings attached crypto bonus for being part of the community.

Free NSG Tokens

What makes the model completely different to anyone before is that players are rewarded each time they play a game. Bet size does not matter and the player will be rewarded with free Smart Games tokens (NSG) which are not inflationary and are finite. It does this by enabling users to become one of the co-owners of the platform through its use of cutting edge smart contract technology.

Smart Games Key Features

The main key selling feature of the site is the fact that everyone earns free NSG tokens that can be exchanged for real money via an exchange as dividend payments are made in TRON. With only 12 hours to wait before getting paid it is no surprise why players are switching to this platform. The features do not stop there, however, as below are others that you need to know:

How The TRON Blockchain Plays A Pivotal Role

All of the player benefits along with a player to player gaming and dividend profit-sharing would not be possible without the TRON blockchain. It powers the Smart-Games site and was designed specifically to overcome problems faced by other blockchains in the entertainment and gaming sector. It enables any size of storage and information publication to simplify the transmission distribution. All of the network participants possess equal rights which means everyone that takes place in the project gets a stake in the platform and is rewarded in the form of dividend payments.

Smart Games Affiliate Program

It would not be the best crypto gaming platform without a great affiliate program attached and Smart Games deliveries just that. It has incentives for both webmaster and players to earn free NSG tokens by referring new gamblers to the site. It handles the ultimate trust in handling tracking and payouts thanks to using smart-contracts along with the blockchain to handle the performance.

The smart games affiliate program pays out every time that referral makes a bet and these are for the total lifetime of the player so you can build up a great passive income. There are two different parts that the programs work. The first pay 0.25% of all the referral rates which is paid out in TRX crypto and the second is via mining which pays out 10% of the total NSG tokens mined by the referral.

The payouts are carried out instantly without any minimum amount for withdrawal.and is done so by clicking on the “Withdraw” button located in the “Referral Office” section. If one of your referrals becomes a regular gambler at the site it can be extremely profitable so well worth sharing the link with your friends.

Final Thoughts

The concept behind creating a platform where 100% of all the profits made at the site are distributed to the NSG token holders will turn the industry on its head. Traditional casinos can not compete with these type of rewards and with a structure aims at transparency along with superior rewards, TRON-based gaming websites will become the leader in the gambling sector. 

The more gamblers find out about the advantages of crypto gambling, the faster the sector will grow as due to technology advantages they can produce results that allow all partakers to become part of the project. With new cryptocurrency casinos designed around the players rather than for-profits, it can only be good news for those that like to take a punt in their free time. Smart-Games is a prime example of how things should be done in the space and it has a chance to become one of the revolutionary forces that change the industry for the better.

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