What Makes The Best Blockchain Casino Sites

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to cryptocurrency gambling as there are lots of new systems that the best blockchain casino sites offer which gamblers do not know about. Many traditional casinos accept bitcoin as a payment system and advertise the fact that they are a crypto-based gambling platform. While it is true that they offer one single aspect that provides advantages to gamblers they do not offer the huge advantages that real blockchain casinos provide players.

There are many different aspects that make up the best blockchain casino website and as technology progresses the advantages for gamblers grow. The most obvious advantage is the instant payment system that cryptos such as bitcoin provide along with zero fees attached compared with up to 5% for real money transactions. Below are the top key features you need to look out for to find the top cryptocurrency gaming platforms which will provide you with an edge compared with playing at traditional online casinos.

#1. Enhanced Security And Privacy

One of the major flaws with traditional casinos is the requirement for gamblers to enter all of their private details which in the wrong hands can cause major problems. If the personal information is not stored in a secure environment it is possible for hackers to access these details. On top of that, each gambling transaction for payments shows up on banking statements which can be damaging for credit ratings. The best blockchain casinos do not require any information as a private address is used for crypto payments without any other info required.

#2. Zero House Edge Blockchain Games

The biggest breakthrough that the blockchain has brought to online casino games is enabling gamblers to play unique titles which have an equal chance of winning. Traditional gaming platforms have to ensure they make a profit via gamblers which is why a house edge is attached that guarantees over the long-term that the operator will come out on top. Crypto powered sites have been designed so that profits are not required to be made via the games and instead they are generated through an increase in the cryptocurrency that is specific to the platform.

#3. Share Of House Profits

Prior to the release of new blockchain casinos the only person guaranteed to win was the house due to the mathematics-based around every game. This is no longer the case, however, as punters can now become part of the house by using bankrolling systems such as the one at EOSbet Casino online. It enables anyone who wishes to take a stake in the profits of the platform by purchasing tokens and holding them in the casino. Thanks to crypto technology the profits can be distributed between those who wish to invest and for the first time can guarantee to become winners when gambling.

#4. Games That Are Provably Fair

Traditional online casino transactions are recorded on the site’s own servers which are not available to check by the general public. Instead, punters have to trust that everything is in order along with no manipulation has taken place to pass third-party audits. Blockchain casino games work differently thanks to the public ledger record every transaction which information is viewable by everyone. Due to the fact it offers the highest level of encryption and is distributed worldwide, it means all the casinos betting details can be confirmed along with with.zero requirements for revealing personal data.

#5. Decentralized Online Gambling

Decentralization is a vital component for online gambling as it offers essential tools which protect users who choose to gamble. A decentralized blockchain gaming website means that no one controls the processes, unlike traditional casinos where the operator controls the funds along with having access to the game’s systems. Players from all over the world can also access this form of the platform as they are out of the control of government authorities.

Final Thoughts

To find the best blockchain casino sites make sure you read our reviews on each of the current top platforms that all have the above key features to make them superior compared with traditional online casinos. Gambling should be fun, safe and fair which is what crypto-based gaming platforms provide, so the next time you fancy a punt make sure you choose real cryptocurrency games,

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