How To Find The Best Crypto Games And Get Free Tokens To Gamble

There is a huge difference in the chances to win depending on which type of casino game you decide to play along with the platform of choice. Never before has there been such a wide array of platforms to choose from and the major reason for this is due to cryptocurrency along with the blockchain. This technology has created a competitor to real money gambling and recent breakthroughs mean it’s far more profitable to gamble. At the best crypto games 2019 sites it is not just the odds that have tilted in the players favor as there are many more benefits which I will explain further below.

Distributed Ledger Transforms Fairness And Transparency

All of the blockchains transactions are carried out on a distributed public ledger which means when used for gambling purposes all bets are recorded along with been viewable by anybody. It has created a transparency that is essential when two parties are involved in a game of chance. Presently the online casino models hide these from the public so there are zero guarantees that they have not been manipulated in any way. That is not the case with real crypto casinos as even the algorithms are open source and verifiable.

Zero House Profit Games

The best crypto games 2019 have been designed to give everyone an equal chance of winning without guaranteeing the house make a profit through the gambling taking place in the game. The games on offer that run on the distributed ledger are provably fair and the processes are handled by smart contracts. This means that there are no running costs as computer code can handle everything including checking results and making payments. Without the running costs, the house does not have to make a profit through the games to stay open which is why you will find better odds at blockchain gambling platforms.

Gaming Tokenization

Any platform that is not powered by its gambling token will not find its way onto our list of the best crypto games of 2019. That is because they will not have the advantages that token as a currency has. They allow for zero fees, dividend payouts, tokenized assets and more new rewards on offer happening every month. If you invest early in one of these along it becoming a success you could make vast sums through simply investing and holding.

Share In The Profits

The best cryptocurrency platforms all enable users to become investors and share in the profits which is what makes them stand out from traditional sites. By purchasing tokens at a platform that offers profit share such as Wagerr, BitDice, and EOSBet you become part of the house and share in monthly profits. These are allocated by smart contracts with the value paid out depending on the number of tokens held.

Decentralization Is Best For Gambling

A traditional online casino is centralized but smart contract-based platforms are decentralized which makes them far superior when it comes to trust. When a platform is decentralized it means that no individual controls it so, therefore, it makes it impossible to alter results. What makes it even more special is that all this is done with complete transparency with every action publicly recorded along with code available in an open-source format.

Security And Anonymity

The blockchain is the most ultra-secure network on the planet thanks to cryptography and decentralization which makes it independent. What also adds an extra layer of security is that the best crypto casino games sites enable gamblers to bet anonymously. All of their personal and banking details are completely private and a wallet address is all that is needed to transact at the platforms.


The 3 top cryptocurrencies for blockchain casino gambling are EOS, TRON, and ETH. All of these blockchains allow for smart programs to be run on the network which means developers can create their unique cryptos that follow set protocol. Bitcoin will always be available as it continues to be the gold of the digital money sector but it will be used to purchase crypto games tokens so play at these latest decentralized gaming sites.

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