Decentralized Blockchain Betting Platforms Lead The Way

There are many different ways in which cryptocurrency will impact our lives and almost all sectors will experience disruption from blockchain technology. We are already seeing it disrupt the financial industry and the gambling sector is also seeing vast changes due to advances in this new tech. One of the most groundbreaking is decentralized blockchain betting platforms as they cut out the middleman and makes it possible for anyone to bet which is similar to what bitcoin achieved by removing the banks from transactions. In this article, I will discuss what is currently happening and what we can expect to see over the coming years.

Why Cryptocurrency Is Perfect Fit For Gambling

There are many different key features that make the best online betting platforms and most of these have either been ignored by traditional platforms or it has not been possible up to now. They are complete security, anonymity, transparency, enhanced odds and community ownership. Thanks to blockchains like ETH and TRON now all these matters can be resolved to make the perfect gambling sites.

Anonymous Decentralized Betting Platforms

Bitcoin made it possible for anyone to set up a bank account and send money around the globe at a fraction and timeframe of the present system. Cryptocurrency based decentralized betting platforms make it possible for anyone to gamble no matter where they are located, even if it is illegal. They do not ask for or store user information and instead, everything is transacted in private with only the transaction id identifying the bet placed. ESBC betting platform has taken this concept further by creating an anonymous crypto token to further enhance privacy. 

The top experts expect the worldwide bettings sector to be worth by 2024 an estimated $155 billion and if the current trends continue, cryptocurrency could account for at least 25% or more of all transactions placed on sports bets. Due to decentralized anonymous gambling platforms using crypto enabling new markets to place wagers, it will fuel huge growth over the coming years.

Why You Should Avoid Banking Gambling Transactions

Having gambling financial transactions showing up on your bank account or credit card statement can be problematic for two reasons. The first is if you reside in a country or state where gambling is illegal if the authority checks your banking information they will be able to prosecute you for illegal gambling. The second is the risk of it damaging your credit rating as these forms of transactions can have a negative impact on your personal credit score.

Betting at decentralized cryptocurrency platforms enables users to avoid having any transaction showing up on there banking or credit card statement, therefore, protecting themselves from either prosecution if gambling illegally or suffering damage to their credit rating. This anonymity also helps to protect against hackers so your safer when using crypto to bet. It also has no fees attached so that means that gamblers will take home every penny of their winnings unlike traditional gambling sites along with less than half the time taken.

How To Place Sports Bets In Counties It Is Illegal

If you want to take a risk and break the gambling laws in the country you reside in, it is possible using anonymous crypto sports betting platforms. You may have to change your IP address to one that is located in a country where it is illegal by using a VPN as it may be blocked from being accessed otherwise. Many of the ETH and TRON gambling sites have apps available that make it simple to place wagers on sporting events with complete privacy.

Final Thoughts

While crypto betting platforms will make it possible for everyone around the world to access sports gambling they will also make it safer at the same time. Regulatory code protocol is possible to be included in smart programmable contracts that can carry out all the checks without any third-party involvement. They will also help to keep gamblers safer by enabling anonymous decentralized betting so hopefully, they will solve all the present issues faced by traditional real money operators.

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