Online Casino Industry Switching To Blockchain Platforms

New technology has enabled the gambling sector to grow at a rapid rate over the last 20 years. The internet has been the catalyst for this stunning growth as online casinos and betting sites have emerged which have become hugely popular in all parts of the world. The reputation of the industry has plummeted over the years due to concerns about the integrity of these platforms but that is about to change thanks to blockchain casino platform websites bringing trust and transparency finally into the sector.

Blockchain Gambling Platforms

Before blockchain technology was created in 2008 there was not a solution that developers could use to provide players with complete transparent trust. Due to the decentralized nature of this new tech, it enables many solutions to the gambling industry. Not one single entity controls the public based network which therefore means no bad actors are able to manipulate it for personal gain. All records are public of each transaction carried out which means that verification is easy for anyone who wishes to make validation checks.

Bitcoin as a digital currency has limitations when it comes to blockchain casino platform sites as it is not possible to utilize smart contracts which are a new form of coding that add an extra layer of security for gamblers. They are able to action transactions to ensure that specific conditions are met without any human interference.

Blockchain-based gambling platforms are now able to provide the most secure gambling environment which guarantees fairness. Smart contracts running on decentralized blockchains such as EOS and ETH provide the transparency that has been lacking which via the public ledger.

New Blockchain Casino Platforms

A large number of new and world renown developers have entered the sector over the last few years and we are now starting to see the fruits of their hard work. Making use of decentralized blockchains such as ETH and EOS with smart contracts paving the way for a new type of gambling platform.

One such company that is taking gambling activities to the next level is TruePlay which has developed solutions that run on the blockchain to provide guaranteed trust. is the first blockchain casino platform that is utilizing TruePlay’s software to provide gamers with games that are impossible to falsify the outcomes. It means that players have a genuine chance to win the massive jackpots available on this platform and can gamble knowing that no manipulation is taking place. There are even free FairPlay tokens available for new players that join via a 30 free spin bonus offer that you will find listed on our site.

FairPlay is the most secure blockchain gaming platform ever created and it is just the start as others such as Edgeless and CasinoFair have launched their new platforms. With each bet placed on these casinos provably fair, safe and secure we are entering a new ear in online gaming.

Final Thoughts

Blockchain technology is going to affect all parts of our lives and with smart contracts, we are entering an era of computer automation that has never been seen before. In the gambling industry these casino and betting platforms are going to take a few years to compete fully with traditional online sites but once the word gets out about the revolutionary advantages they present gamblers it will not take long before they take the lead in the industry.

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