What Is eSports Crypto Betting

eSports is one of the fastest-growing industries concerning the total revenue generated along with viewership figures. By the end of this year, it is estimated that over 400 million have viewed eSports in some form which has helped to attract major sponsorship, media and advertising revenue of more than 1 billion dollars. The blockchain has added a new dimension to the sector as it is the perfect technology to enable completely secure player vs player crypto betting. In this article, I will talk about the rise of the industry along with what to expect in the future.

eSports Streaming

Not many gaming companies predicted how popular watching people playing games online would become. Purpose-built platforms like Twitch were one of the first to release the demand and created the platform from the ground up to cater to this ever-growing audience. Twitch has been a major success with some of the top gamers earning over $100,000 per month via advertisements and subscriber fees.

eSports Teams

It is not just individuals that compete in esports crypto betting tournaments as many teams compete for massive prizes. The worlds leading eSports team are reported to have earned more than $34,000,000. The current leader is Team Liquid who is closely followed by OG. There are hundreds of different events all around the world and you can find live streaming eSports competitions online at Twitch and other similar platforms such as YouTube.

eSports Top Streamers

For many gamers, the dream is to be able to play games every day and get paid for it. Thanks to the development of the internet and platforms such as Twitch and YouTube this dream is now a reality for many. The top streamers such as summit1g and Syndicate earning millions of dollars each year using these eSports broadcasting platforms. 

eSports Live Competitions

Anyone who does not follow eSports will be shocked at the level of attendance along with prize money available for those that take part. In 2019 the Fortnite World Cup attracted tens of thousands to view in attendance and millions watching live online. It had a prize money pool of $100 million with the winner of the solo event Kyle Giersdorf taking home $3 million. The American gamer is only 16 years old and already a multi-millionaire from playing games.

eSports Betting On The Blockchain

There are two types of eSports betting on the blockchain that are available for gamblers to choose from. The first work the same as traditional sports betting where punters attempt to guess the outcome by choosing from a set range odd different options and odds. The second type is player vs player betting where players compete against each other for crypto.

One of the most popular eSports crypto betting platforms is Unikrn which has been designed using the blockchain to enable peer-to-peer gambling to take place. It has created a proprietary cryptocurrency (UKG) that has a unique ecosystem that rewards users. It is also licensed so it provides a safe place to gamble on console games. Read our Unikrn review to find out more.

Final Thoughts

eSports will become one of the most valuable industries with it reach billions in revenue every year. It is constantly evolving thanks to new technology and there are no signs that the growth will ever stop. The blockchain is the ideal solution to enable secure peer-to-peer transactions to take place which is why it makes the perfect escrow account for online gambling.

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