Why Decentralized ETH Gambling Apps Are The Future

Most people now own a smartphone and one of the reasons why is the amazing applications that it is possible to download and utilize such as off-line maps or dating apps. This marketplace is about to change, however, as there is a new boy in town that offers superior benefits for users. Decentralized apps or DApps as they are known are the future and in the ETH gambling sector, they are leading the way in the development of this type of application. In this article, I will talk about how they work, why they are important and what is coming next.

ETH Gambling DApps

The ETH gambling apps run on the Ethereum network which means they are completely decentralized. What makes the Ether blockchain so special is that programs can run in this environment using smart contracts, therefore, make full automation possible. Gamers love cryptocurrency and if it had not been for the gaming community the revolution may not have survived as the first transaction of bitcoin as a form of value was made in games. It helped fuel the interested along with started the price discover which has since gone on to reach over $20,000 at its peak.

The most popular apps at online stores such as Google Play are games and it is packed with different types of cater for all. Gambling smartphone applications such as casinos and betting apps are one of the most popular categories. This niche generates billions each year which are why you will find all the top developers attempting to create the next big thing in gaming. The blockchain has added a new dimension to this field and is making possible new concepts that beat the competition in all aspects.

The Crypto Gaming Generation

The millennial generation has different criteria of what they are looking for when it comes to gaming and especially gambling. Many online casinos have started to struggle as they are finding it difficult to attract this new knowledgeable gambler. They understand that winning at a traditional casino is down to pure luck and that the house has the odds in their favor so there is little point playing. Instead, they prefer skill-based games with the most popular being eSports. Instead of playing slots, roulette or poker they can link their gaming consoles such as the Xbox or Playstation to a blockchain sSports token-based platform which will then enable them to put their skills to the test against other players in games such as FIFA.

Current State Of ETH DApps Gambling

It is exciting times in the world of decentralized gambling applications with technology companies such as FunFair leading the way. They have created the backbone that is required to run the best Ethereum-based games using smart contract technology. You will find two Fun Coin Casino lists on our site that you can check out which are CasinoFair and CryptoCasino. It is still early days but they have already overcome many of the issues of blockchain gaming such as speed, graphics, and gameplay. 

Most Popular Decentralized ETH Apps

It is the younger generation who mainly play crypto games as they embraced cryptocurrency and understand how the tech works better than the older generation. Blockchain-based dice games used the be the number one player but that is changing as more possibilities are generated using this new form of tech.

ETH Betting dApps

Decentralized ETH betting apps are providing extremely popular thanks to blockchain-based companies such as YOUnited, Wagerr, and ZenSports. These dApps make anonymous betting on sports and other events possible which has open the marketplace to a worldwide audience. With smart contract technology used it has helped to create an ultra-secure platform where the community is the shareholder instead of a centralized party that takes all the profits.

The End Of Traditional Casino Apps

There are so many key advantages that crypto-based dApss have over traditional applications it is impossible the see them be able to survive. The blockchain has turned to gamble on its head with new cryptocurrency gaming platforms offering to give away all their profits to the community that plays the games on their platform. It is possible by changing the business model from one that requires a house edge and gambling losses of players to one that makes its profits through an increase in the value of the ETH token or other cryptos used to power the platform.

Advantages Of ETH Casino dApps

One of the main reasons why the next generation of gamblers have started to turn their backs on traditional online casinos is due to trust. With no way of players making checks to see if any cheating is going on by the operator and many stories of gamblers getting cheated out of winnings, it has had a damaging effect on the industry. ETH casino dApps are here to clean up the sector with complete transparency and are publically available to all along with open source algorithms. It will put an end to manipulation and enable the industry to mend its damaged reputation.

Final Thoughts

It will take a number of years before we start to see a shift from real money to crypto gambling but it is inevitable that at some point in the near future this will take place. ETH gambling apps are prime placed to become the leader as its blockchain design is well suited to this form of entertainment. Smart contracts can not only act as an intermediary but also make sure that regulations and laws are followed which will make the regulation of the sector far greater. With new developers looking at creating casinos and betting platforms that benefit the community of players instead of making profits the number one priority, it can only make the industry better.


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