How To Choose The Best Ethereum Online Casino 2020

Online gambling is growing in popularity every year. Today, punters can use their smart devices in any location and try their luck. Moreover, gambling has never been as secure as it is now as platforms are now accepting cryptocurrency payments. Ethereum network launched a digital currency (Ether) whose use has grown in popularity among gamers. Gamblers using this gateway enjoy full anonymity playing and making instant deposits and withdrawals. 

Thanks to the extensive use of both Bitcoin and Ethereum and their rivalry, transactions are much faster. That said, however, just like there are unscrupulous actors in the market. Several illegal casinos have cropped up. But be worried not, below we have captured more natural ways to select a top Ethereum online casino that you can trust. 

Do ETH Casinos Operate with a License? 

Always conduct thorough research to establish that the casino platform you choose is registered. Regulated websites are regarded highly since they are keen on security. Joining a licensed casino translates to receiving full-scale protection. Take your time to run the casino website through the UK Gambling Commission or the Maltese Gaming Authority to establish whether it’s regulated. These two institutions are revered as being the most straightforward and strict gaming bodies on the planet. 

Are There Provably Fair Ethereum Casino Games? 

When you gamble with real money, you will start reviewing how casinos generate their results. More so if you are losing a ton of money. One of the most prominent attributes of playing Ethereum-based online casinos is the ability to see in real-time how results are generated. With this pathway, you are assured that it’s your luck that isn’t very good and not the gaming platform altering your results. 

Are Ethereum Casinos Decentralized?

Most Ethereum-based blockchain casinos are decentralized in nature. This means that all of the processes are carried out autonomously by smart contract technology so that no middle-man is involved in the transaction. The process means that just to verify by the ETH blockchain that no one can alter the results generated and therefore this ensures provably fair games.

Can You Play Ethereum Casino Games Legally? 

Every country on earth has it’s set of gambling rules. You might be living in a jurisdiction where gaming is deemed illegal. Don’t attract authorities by defying the law of the land. Instead, quench your gambling thirst by participating in another legal hobby like horse racing! 

Terms and Conditions 

It will help if you start by going through the terms and conditions defining how a casino platform acts when it comes to payments. How much is the lowest and highest deposit you can make? How long will you take to receive funds after initiating a withdrawal? If there is not such information readily available, kindly try and liaise with the customer service for further assistance.

New Player ETH Casinos Bonuses 

Many casinos attract would-be players to their platforms by extending them bonuses. If you opt to make deposits using ETH cryptocurrency, you’re most likely to have your funds matched with a bonus on some websites. Some even allow gamers to withdraw the bonus if they meet the criteria set in the terms and conditions. To profit from the above rewards, you should conduct thorough research to find a gambling platform that meets your needs and wants! 

Final Thoughts

There is going to be a battle between the different blockchains to become the number one choice for the gambling industry. Ethereum holds many key advantages over others which places it at the top but it faces stiff competition for the likes of EOS and TRON. It will be interesting to see which one comes out on top or if a new blockchain is created that is the perfect fit for online casino gambling.

If you are wanting to sample the best Ethereum online casinos for 2020, our website is the perfect resource. Many great platforms are ETH based such as all of the Fun Coin casinos along with decentralized sports betting platform Wagerr. Make sure to check out all of the reviews along with finding the latest new player sign up bonuses in Ethereum tokens to sample the best games available in ETH.

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