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It may surprise you to know that bitcoin is not the best cryptocurrency for gambling as there are many restrictions compared with other cryptos. The top 3 currencies that are perfect for creating the ultimate casinos and betting platforms are EOS, ETH and TRON. The reason for this is due to the technology behind these blockchains offer far greater solutions when it comes to gambling. One of the top online blockchain casinos is Tronext which makes use of all the benefits provided the TRON crypto which I will explain below why this is the case.

Blockchain Casinos

There was a huge amount of buzz surrounding the launch of which helped it get off to a flyer. During the first 48 hours of opening, there were more than 500,000 bets that took place on the platform which resulted in a turnover of over 150 million TRX. Now it is rated as one of the top crypto-based gaming platforms and the leader in TRON betting transactions.

Why Gamble At Tronext?

TRON is one of the fastest blockchains around which is perfect as it means it can cater for vast volumes of bets without having any issues. All of the games listed at are provably fair which means the fairness can be checked and verified at any time. Due to the operations working in a decentralized environment means that the outcome can not be rigged along with guaranteeing that players are not scammed.

One of the best things about the TRON blockchain is that it enables smart contracts to perform the transactions without a centralized authority. That guaranteed the data validity and eradicates human errors from the equation. The most important element to ensure fairness at online casinos is the random number generated and at Tronext it uses hash blocks which are verified by smart contracts which guarantee the outcome is fair and makes it impossible to rig the games. Players can use the block number along with their unique address to verify the RNG process.

How To Play Tronext Games

To play the games at players must first install TronLink app in their Browser along with having a small amount of TRON available in their wallet to pay for transactional fees. All of the major crypto exchanges such as CoinBase enable the purchase and sale of TRON.

Tronext Provably Fair Games

One of the best things about Tronext is that all of the games are unique to the platform and are provably fair. The choice may be limited but they deliver the best chances to win along with fairness not seen at traditional online casinos. The game which is the most popular is blockchain dice which compared with others it stands out due to its great interface and graphically pleasing design.

All the top online casinos have slots available to play and is no different apart from their version has far superior odds for players to win. With massive jackpot amounts along with the occasional free spins bonuses, it will keep you fully entertained.

Other titles include Lucky which is similar to Plinko which is a hugely popular classic played worldwide. What makes it different is that the public ledger displays all bets so you can see the different strategies and check that it is provably fair. Another title called Ring is also proving popular which is highly enjoyable and fast-paced. With many other titles planned for the near future, it delivers a great crypto gaming choice that will only get better over the coming months.

What Makes Tronext Stand Out From Other TRON Casinos

One of the main aspects that make stand out from the crowd is that players can gamble via their TRON wallet by using TronLink. It means that there are no requirements to register at the site as the bets are carried out directly from the player’s wallet which means that there is no way of getting scammed by the operator taking funds.

All players are required to do to bet is to add funds to their TronLink wallet and the transactions are carried out instantaneously. The funds can be withdrawn at any point without having to wait for a centralized authority to authorize the payment.

How To Make Money At Tronext

If you gamble at a traditional or land-based casino the chances of winning are extremely low. You will require a great strategy along with luck if you are going to walk away making a profit. This is not the case at Tronext as players all receive a share in the profits due to its unique mechanism that its` crypto token (TNX) provides.

The profit-sharing at works by providing a percentage of its unique token TNX when each bet is made at the platform. Anyone who owns TNX is entitled to a stake in the profits generated at the casino so players become the house simple by purchasing the token. The profit share is paid out each day and depending on the amount they possess which can provide vast sums.

Tronext Gambling Restrictions websites terms and conditions state that players must be a minimum of 21 years old along within a location where gambling is legal. That being said because players can gamble anonymously at the site along with using a VPN to change their location, it means that anyone can gamble such they desire.

What The Future Holds For Tronext And TNX

The future looks bright for Tronext and its own unique currency TNX as over a short space of time it has already become one of the leading platforms for TRON gambling online. One of the main reasons that have fueled the demand is its lucrative profit share program which is producing the highest dividends in the gaming sector. With an average of 4.35% paid out daily, it is no surprise why investors and gamblers are flocking to this platform. Referral Program

All of the best crypto casino sites have a referral or affiliate program which is available to enable players or promoters to earn money by referring users to the platform. The Tronext partnership program works by providing registered users with a referral link. Anyone that signs up and gambles through this link is linked to the player’s account. The amounts available presently are 0.2% of each bet payable in TRX or 15% in TNX.

Who Is The Team Behind Tronext?

All of the information about the team behind Tronext can be found on the website along with a link to the whitepaper which lays out the plans and timescale of development. The project is open source and they encourage developers to inspect the code along with helping to find any bugs should there be any.

Final Thoughts

Tronext is one of the best examples of how blockchain technology can transform the gambling industry and with the advantages that TRON currency provides, it will help it to become one of the leaders in this field. Presently the games are limited but compared with other similar platforms they are of high quality. With the amazing profit share feature, anonymous play and complete decentralization, the future look bright. Make sure you visit the site to find out information about the latest promotions including free TRX.

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