TrueDeck Review

TrueDeck Review

TrueDeck is a blockchain tech-based online casino that makes it possible for developers, operators, and players to interact transparently. The platform uses its own crypto called TDP tokens along with Smart Contracts & Blockchain technology, granting all parties involved with a cryptographically secure, and transparent experience.

Blockchain Casinos

The True Deck platform has been developed to offer free, secure, safe and transparent services to gambling businesses and entities. The one-stop-shop provides all services in-line with online gambling including;

For several centuries now, gamblers continue discovering numerous ways to gamble.  it’s not hard to find punters huddled together at bars, casinos, gas stations and open fields, gambling and winning. Today, thanks to technology, we have transferred the gambling niche into the virtual world. Unfortunately, gamers in this industry are still subjected to a multitude of problems such as;

Thanks to technology advancement, the gambling industry today provides real-time gambling activities and solutions to millions of users. However, legal infrastructures and framework keep the mechanisms running said platforms behind closed walls. With the TrueDeck gambling platform, punters, operators, and developers will have access to a new gambling phenomenon. The platform provides all participants with the same experience but grants them transparency and access to valuable insights. 

TrueDeck will play a crucial role in helping the online casino system come up with new possibilities by using blockchain technology and promoting gambling platform redesign from the ground up. With this new gaming platform, all parties involved (operators, players, and developers) will have an equal ground. The platform will be designed in a manner where the ecosystem will nurture itself in a self-governed way, as it maintains harmony with every participant’s needs.

Why TrueDeck Stands Out

TrueDeck is on a mission to revolutionize how the online gambling industry runs. There are other competitors that are aiming at changing the industry; however, stands out because; It will launch as a unified platform factoring in all participants which will be powered by its own currency called TDP tokens.

The platform is fully decentralized, providing a transparent random number generator that will be used in paying out the distribution. utilizes technology that welcomes blockchain casino dApps using real-time gaming speed. Besides; TrueDeck is the only platform that runs as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It’s the only platform that will help operators save big on operational costs.

The platform is being designed to work with already established online casinos for the betterment of the online gambling industry. The collaboration will ensure that players gamble on safe and secure platforms.

Blockchain-Based Online Gambling

Blockchain technology will completely revolutionize the gambling industry. The tech champions synergies for demographic interest and helps solve pain points that saw many gamblers stop gambling. As the tech continues to grow in popularity, many more problems linked to traditional gambling will be eliminated. In short, Blockchain technology will set the standard for the iGaming future.

A lot of blockchain tech-based casinos utilize Smart Contracts to pay out dividends to token holders. TrueDeck has adopted a different approach where it will create a value proposition to established casino businesses and their token holders. As opposed to paying token holders dividends, TrueDeck has defined several utilities around the token. The platform combines the best of what blockchain tech offers to develop an ideal platform that leads to transparent online gambling. 

Setting Online Blockchain Gambling Industry Standards

Blockchain technology provides endless possibilities, thanks to this tech, the online casino niche can navigate into the new era with ease. To profit from full exposure, the industry in its entirety should come together and define a common standard. TrueDeck developers hold the belief that the following aspects should be incorporated all through the industry:

Decentralized RNG

A decentralized random number generator mechanism that will be unpredictable. The RNG process should follow industry standards and should not only be provably fair and transparent but should be fast and secure.

Real-time Monitoring

All transactions and processes conducted should be public and monitored in real-time. Allowing this to happen helps in detecting and eliminating fraud. RNG should also be done and monitored in real-time.

Robust KYC/AML Checks

Since gambling is the highest regulated industry, robust KYC & AML  checks should be conducted by all involved entities. However, blockchain technology, grants users anonymity, all participants are required to enforce the checks and balances in support of responsible Gambling standards as well as AML laws.

User Protection

User data should be given the highest priority in the gambling industry. Operators should set up robust systems that secure information. They are required to comply with the laws governing their jurisdictions.

Players TDP Token Security

The online casino industry was somehow regulated; today, however, the industry has transformed and is thriving. Now more than ever, actors in the industry need to ensure that players’ funds are secured. Operators and developers should join together to provide solutions that deter hackers and eliminate vulnerabilities that would make players lose their funds and information. The TDP Token used by TrueDeck enables enhanced security.

Fast Deposits And Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals have let down many a punter when playing online casinos. Moreover, internet banking has hastened the processes somewhat. However, this process is expensive, thanks to the interested third-parties. That is why TrueDeck have created TDP tokens to eliminate this problem. Intermediaries keep a chunk of the profit won for providing transaction services. Deposits and withdrawals ought to be faster and cheaper to encourage new gamers. However, they should comply with AML laws. 


To stay abreast with changes within the industry casino websites ought to strive for 99% up-time to grant punters with the best gaming experience. 

TrueDeck Summary

Gamblers are the leading group of participants that TrueDeck platform will target. The blockchain-based platform will ensure that every part of the sector is transparent. Gamers will not have to search for “trusted” licensed website badges and certificates. They will have a platform to participate in casino games because they will be fair, and they can monitor their gameplay and transactions in real-time. Grab your free TDP tokens now by visiting the site! 

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