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Every year online gambling improves offering greater services and games for players. Now gamblers can access every type of betting opportunity in a single platform which works on all devices including mobile phones. There are many advantages that online casinos can offer compared with land-based models such a big bonuses but there are also many flaws that until recently have not been addressed. For instance, they are not transparent which provides an opportunity for developers to create games that are not fair along with there are lots of vulnerabilities that can be exploited such as personal details being hacked. Younited blockchain-based betting platform has addressed all of these issues and is leading the way to creating a better along with a safer environment for gambling activities.

Blockchain Casinos

What Is Younited

Younited it a unique decentralized blockchain betting and casino games platform that uses disruptive technology to offers a transparent, secure and fair experience for gamblers. It leverages the latest cryptocurrency tech to provide advance social gaming in a truly fair environment. Due to decentralization, it eliminates the involvement of the house which means that no cheating can take place along with offers the greatest player protection around. It aims to provide the best peer-to-peer experience in which profits are distributed to the users of the site.

Social Decentralized Betting And Casino Games

The Younited development team have created a gambling site around the users and eliminated the casino house involvement. It means that there are huge cost savings as no middleman is taking any profits. It is a social platform that offers players the chance to bet against one another and provides a distributed winning system which rewards all of the participating gamblers.

UNTD Token

To be able to create the ultimate social gambling platform the Younited development team has created their coin called UNTD. This enables the elimination of the house in transactions and provides real solutions for the betting industry. Due to the face that the site uses its crypto token, it means that it can offer advantages such as an auditable algorithm, provably fair games, fast along with secure betting transactions and distributed player profit share rewards.

One of the aspects that makes the platform stand out is that the UNTD coin that is used to create the ecosystem offers amazing benefits that are purely focused on the players. Once UNTD is purchased it gives players a chance to enter a prize pool along with joining the affiliate partner program to make extra money. Unlike many other crypto tokens, you will not see any volatility in the price as it is pegged to the USD. 1 USD is worth 100 UNTD so you do not stand the risk of losing money by the price crashing.

Younited Solutions

Younited has built a platform that is community-driven to enable gamblers to enjoy true fair games without any house involvement. To achieve this it has created its blockchain that is powered by its token UNTD to offer a superior advantage to the present marketplace. These are pioneering advancements that offer unrivaled peer-to-peer interactions. Due to the minimal running costs thanks to smart contract tech, the platform is leading the way in transparency and trust. When compared with centralized social betting sites that require house involvements it is superior in every way and will have a disruptive effect in one of the world’s largest industries.

Younited Blockchain Games

There are several real blockchain casino games available at Younited that all have the ultimate provably fair technology to ensure results. These include Younited Wheel, Lotto, Russian Roulette, Jackpot, Crypto Dice along with Rock, Paper, Scissors. There are also plans for new skill games to be added to the platform soon. All of the titles have a zero house fee and instead of playing against the house, players are pitted against other players. All of the winnings are distributed to the winners of the games. There is also a demo mode available so that they can be played for free.

Key Features Of The Platform

Many key features make Younited stand out along with benefiting those that play at the platform. Below are the main aspects that you need to be aware of that will greatly improve your chances to win.

Provably Fair Games Designed For Players

At online casinos, the games are designed so that the house is guaranteed to win which has always been the case since their inception. Younited aim to transform this business model so that the mathematical algorithm does not give any advantage to the house. Using RGN technology that uses HASH generated by the blockchain they have created provably fair gaming. This is controlled by smart contracts which further enhances security so that the random number generated can not be known in advance or altered in any way as it is created in a decentralized environment. Instead of the profits generated going to the house, they are distributed to winning players which are a win-win situation for gamblers.

Younited House Edge Percentage

The house edge is an important factor at online casinos as it is the expected profits generated through gambling. You will find the expected return to players percentages for each casino games such as blackjack and slots which shows the profit a casino is expected to make over a long period of playing. At Younited you will find zero house edge rates as the games have been designed for a winner takes all which eliminates any middle man taking a percentage.

Random Number Generation

It is impossible to be cheated out of a win at due to the cryptography used in the algorithm which generates the RGN. No player or middle-man is involved as the number is created using the HASH that is generated via the unique blockchain protocol. It means that the outcome is guaranteed to be randomized along with a public audit trail that can be checked which offers complete transparency.

Player-to-Player Social Gaming

The platform has been designed around a community-based system so that it provides the best social player-to-player social gaming experience. There are lots of games and with sports betting opportunities where players compete against each other instead of the house which is the key selling point of the site.

Final Thoughts

The UNTD coin is at the top of the pile when it comes to genuine social gaming and because there is no house, it benefits the players instead of filling the operator’s pockets. With the latest blockchain and smart contract technology, it has created a platform that benefits from immutability, scalability, low fees, transparency and the highest gambler rewards around so make sure you put it on your list to visit.

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