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Blockchain-casino.games.com is a blockchain-based gambling platform that was founded back in 2018 by Daniel Kay. The website was initiated to review the blockchain-based casino games as well as aid players in finding the newest free crypto tokens. The team behind this site takes pride in the effort they put in research conducted, guaranteeing that all cryptocurrency casinos are adequately scrutinized to avert a crisis. Visitors to this website, get the latest news concerning new developments in the blockchain gambling segment.

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Punters will love the cryptocurrency gaming blog as it features a great deal of analysis encompassing cryptography and gambling niches. Industry experts compile all the information shared; readers receive both the risks and advantages of investing and using cryptocurrencies. The team running the website has set up different guides as well as tips to aid players with strategies and new information they can use to their advantage.

The website was launched in December of 2018. “I created this website to ensure that visitors get the latest, most accurate information, promotions, and crypto gambling technology news,” stated Daniel Kay.

The website is jam-packed with crypto casino reviews alongside those of sports betting sites. A majority of the reviews on this website are composed by Daniel Kay, for those that other writers have published, Mr. Kay ensures that his expert view is included.

Due to his tenacity, Daniel Kay continues to un-earth fake casinos that he now puts in his blacklist giving would-be players a warning before they lose their money wagering on these sites. When it comes to fraud, the team behind blockchain-casino-games-com goes beyond reviewing blockchain casino websites, and searches for the website owners and reports them to the relevant authorities. Using this tactic, the team has successfully helped many players get back lost funds.

Blockchain tech-powered casinos are changing the gambling industry by providing gaming anonymity and transparency in operations and transactions through running and collecting data on their open ledger. At Blockchain-casino-games.com we have to most up to date information about smart contract gambling along with in depth ETH casino reviews, free token coin giveaways, huge crypto promotions and more.

By introducing decentralization into gaming, gamblers have the authority to verify the game’s functionality unlike in traditional casinos where the management/staff would collude with planted players to swindle legit players using underhand deals like revealing their card when playing poker to get the upper hand. Blockchain tech eliminates human interference and uses algorithms to conduct any casino dealing in real-time. The tech offers clarity, security, and reliability guaranteeing gamblers a free and fair gaming session.

Smart Contact Based Casinos Are The Future

Fun Coin Casinos powered by Funfair technology has embraced this new revolution and is using it to make bank. By developing an open gambling platform, they will be issuing sublicenses to platforms that want to jump on the blockchain tech wagon. The developer has generated a crypto coin (FUN) that they will sell to gamblers and turn in a profit every time the currency adds value.

FunFair is also diversifying to other income generating ventures by charging small but significant fees on their gambling platform.

How Blockchain Casinos Are Changing Gaming

Punters are now able to make bigger profits from their investments. They will be able to purchase coins and hold on to them and share the profits with casinos once their value goes up, they can choose to play games they’re sure of winning and make money as they gain the experience of becoming professional players commanding more massive wins and allowances!

What’s In Store In The Future For Crypto Gaming

The online gambling industry crossed over the $50 billion mark in 2018. Now more than ever, smart punters can see that Smart Contracts casinos are giving them a fairer gambling platform to reap more significant rewards with the investments they make. By the year 2020, Decentralized casinos will replace traditional casinos, and early investors will reap massive rewards associated with cryptocurrencies use. Ethereum based casinos will, in particular, make more profits thanks to their strict, open, safe, secure and friendly gambling platforms.

Why Visit Blockchain-Casino-Games.com

Blockchain tech powering online gamblings sites is yanking the power held onto by traditional casinos and giving it to players. Decentralized gaming is making gambling fun again by allowing all parties to reap the rewards equally and shaping the future of the gambling industry. At Blokchain-casino-games.com we are the leader of providing everything you need to know about the smart contract gambling sector.

Affiliate Disclosure

Blockchain Casino Games is an affiliate based website. The platform generates an income through referral traffic to Blockchain-based casinos as well as sports betting sites. The affiliate connects don’t affect player’s wins and losses, just to be precise.

Blockchain-casino-games.com operates as an affiliate site. Mr kay uses this platform as a base to negotiate with casino owners and developers to get unique offers that he extends to his review site readers and subscribers. Casino affiliate programs assist online casinos when it comes to attracting new signees. Incentives are given in the hopes that the new additions will change to become regular players. It’s a common thing for high ranking gambling brands to offer affiliate programs.

Daniel Kay is dedicated to making the website a factual platform that offers genuine Bitcoin gambling promotions alongside honest Blockchain-based casino reviews. With this zeal, the team continues to work on the website to further advance it.

How Does Casino Affiliate Programs Impact Reviews?

A lot of the Bitcoin casino reviews based on this platform are researched, written, edited, and published by Daniel Kay. Before he posts, he ensures to conduct thorough research and vets each provider to give accurate information. 

Through his resilience, Daniel Kay has uncovered many scam sites masquerading as legit blockchain casino websites. He has published pages with information about the blacklisted websites. Some scam sites may have escaped the dragnet, thanks to their sophisticated operations, but with time they too will be unmasked. It’s wise to state that the aim of this website is not to promote gambling in any form; instead, it’s to provide knowledge about Blockchain-based casinos. 

Blockchain Casino Games platform doesn’t take part in any link schemes; neither does it accept guest posts from non-reputed nor untrusted authors or outlets. The site doesn’t run any sponsored content or PPC advertising. Mr. Kay does, however, provide expert analysis concerning Bitcoin news outlets and engages members in cryptocurrency forums discussing the latest in Blockchain and Crypto-based casinos.

Why Was Blockchain-Casino-Games.com Set up?

In his bio, you will discover that Daniel Kay has been a serial entrepreneur in his adult life. At the age of 20, he successfully set up his first business, which served as an international bistro in Lake District UK.  The Keiser Report released in 2010 was the first place Mr. Kay learned about Bitcoin.

After reading through, he knew that this new wave was set to change the rules as we know them. Without any investment funds, Daniel Kay jumped to the next thing, which was Blockchain-based affiliate programs. His extensive research revealed how the gambling niche was embracing the new technology. He decided to start this platform to capitalize on the same.

Mr. Kay dove into WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, and social media marketing back in 2009. He used his time to learn the above after losing everything he owned thanks to the 2008 financial crisis that rocked the world. Having to start from point zero, Mr. Kay combined his traveling passion with his zeal to become financially stable and started looking for tools that would help him create an online business.

As a digital nomad today, Mr. Kay has for the last six years traversed the world and is currently touring South East Asia. What’s In Store for The Future? The new decade of the 21st century holds much promise. In the new year (2020), Mr kay is looking to collaborate with crypto experts to publish views about this industry. He will also liaise with gambling researchers to offer readers the best advice. 

Because Google is notorious for updating its algorithm, website owners and developers have to spend a lot of time changing websites to match the changes directed. Within this year, Mr. Kay is hoping to launch an additional two websites that will focus on decentralized betting as well as cryptocurrency casinos. 

Personalized Goals

To fully enjoy life, Daniel Kay believes that passing skills to the deserving are one aspect. He has dedicated his time to teach people how to make money online so that they too can have financial freedom. He hopes to set up a digital nomad university in Costa Rica and use it as a base to help others create and set up online-based businesses and experience the laptop lifestyle. 

Work Experience

Nearly all his working life, Daniel Kay has been an entrepreneur. He began his adventures from the age of 20 years by becoming a director of his restaurant business in the Lake District. For five and a half years, he steered the business to profitability until he sold it off to fulfill his lifelong passion for traveling. He started his travels by visiting and staying in Australia for an entire year. 

Once back in the United Kingdom, Mr. Kay started working with real estate agents where he rented his property in Nottingham. He worked on a housing development of 300 properties in Leicestershire, through his role here, he met someone who did mortgages and would later become his business partner. Together, they set up a mortgage company, lettings company, estate agents, and investment property back in 2006. For two years, the business thrived until the 2008 financial crisis. 

After losing everything during the financial meltdown, Mr. Kay had to move in with his sister and seek employment. For an entire year, he toiled hard for different companies only to realize that he hated what he was doing. With dreams bursting inside such as traveling the world and discovering beautiful people and cultures, he had to do something. 

Daniel Kay immersed himself into creating websites, and by the time he turned 31, he dedicated himself to becoming an SEO expert and horning his digital marketing skills. Mr. Kay first discovered Bitcoin through a YouTube Series known as the Keiser Report, which he follows thanks to his fanaticism of Max Keiser religiously. He believes Max to be one of the biggest financial minds of this generation and follows his predictions closely. 

The instant Daniel deciphered what Bitcoin was about; he immediately knew the [potential it holds. Without any investment capital, he settled for setting up an online business revolving around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. After going through all different affiliate schemes linked to the Bitcoin use, he discovered that gambling was the industry with the highest demand for cryptocurrency. He made up his mind to launch Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus and due to the success of that platform has now created this website to cater for the ever evolving crypto gambling space.

Daniel Kay continues to educate himself about decentralized betting and crypto-based gambling platforms. For five years of relentless pursuit of knowledge and experimentation in this field, we can conclude that he is an expert. Daniel Kay has personally written over 1,000 articles published online concerning sub-niches such as gambling, decentralized applications, Bitcoin, and Blockchain Smart Contracts.

About The Founder Of Blockchain-Casino-Games.com

Daniel Kay is currently 41 years old and was born in Bradford UK. For the past six years, Mr. Kay has traversed South East Asia and favors Chiang Mai, Koh Rong, Koh Lanta, and DonDet the most.  Daniel has for the past nine years, embraced the digital nomad lifestyle, something that came naturally to him since he isn’t married, nor does he have any children. He believes that anyone can achieve what they set to in life so long as they visualize, dedicate, and prioritize.

Daniel continues to educate travelers on ways they can use to make money online through cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Nothing makes Daniel tick than visualizing amazing sunsets, great music, an ice-cold beer in hand while socializing with travelers from different parts of the world. 

Mr. Kay is an avid gamer and an eSports lover; he is aiming at learning Spanish before he travels to South America to find a place he can settle down and maybe adopt a dog. Daniel Kay’s interest in computers started at an early stage, and he started programming at the tender age of 8 years through a weekly magazine known as “Input”. 

For his A levels, Kay did computer science alongside GNVQ business studies a time he relishes even today. Daniel doesn’t gamble, nor does he recommend that people risk their fortune gambling. 

Blockchain-casino-games.com offers visitors and subscribers with free bitcoin bonuses that can be used without depositing funds. Punters get the chance to make wins without the danger of losing Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The footers of this website are laden with details of addiction gambling help programs that you can use if you think your gambling is out of control.

Life as a Digital Nomad

The first thing you ought to grasp before becoming a digital nomad is websites just like math equations are continually evolving. Life can change overnight with the sporadic Google updates, which affect the number of visitors due to ranking changes. With the right advice, you can navigate back to where you were within several months, but you have to tighten your belt and remain positive.

Most people find it challenging to become digital nomads, as they lack self-motivation and the prowess needed to operate this type of online business. You have to become an expert in the niche you want to dominate alongside publishing content about the same subject which can be nerve-wracking at times. However, the rewards you reap will outweigh the negatives if you relent. 

Connecting With The Founder

If you want to learn more or ask a question, you can reach out to Daniel Kay via the contact page. He is also on LinkedIn and actively engages in numerous bitcoin forums, so feel free to send him a friend request. He will connect with you regardless of where you are in the world. If you find yourself in SouthEast Asia, reach out to him, and he can point out places worth visiting.