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The gambling industry is one of the largest in the world but there are many problems along with inefficiencies that have needed to be addressed since its inception. One of the main issues has been trusting as many service providers and developers have taken advantage of the huge demand along with players lack of knowledge. The good news is blockchain technology is been used to overhaul the present systems to create a fair platform that addresses all of these issues. Decentralization is the key to solving many of the problems and Bethash is one of the platforms that has been set up to provide the solution to the gambling sector.

Blockchain Casinos

The Solution That BetHash Provides

The Bethash platform is a decentralized public EOS blockchain that follows set protocols that are purely focused on solving the present issues in the gambling sector. It provides secure, transparent and low costs betting that offers the ultimate trust. To achieve this goal it has created its cryptocurrency that works alongside smart contracts to guarantee a premium experience that is trustless. 

BetHash Games

All of the games at BetHash are powered by smart contracts and are unique to the platform. You will find lottery games with massive jackpots which offer a provably fair chance to win the top prize. There are also crypto dice, slots, blackjack and banker bull which all are of the highest quality EOS blockchain-based games. Soon, the platform will also be adding baccarat and jacks or betting to its ever-expanding list of titles.

Player Rewards

If you are looking for a crypto games casino that rewards its players the most, BetHash is the platform for you are most of its revenue is distributed to its Hash Token holders. It gives away vast amounts of cryptocurrency for free each day to its users so it is well worth signing up for an account.

One of the main BetHash promotions provides gamblers with free HPOINT tokens when they bet 10 USDT at the platform. HPOINTs can then be used for buying HASH tokens which provide players with hourly dividends.

The BetHash promos do not stop there as regular players access many huge promotions for being a loyal player at the site. HPOINT tokens are provided as a loyalty bonus which can then be used to take part in trying to win the decentralized progressive jackpot or simple to make bets or if they prefer they can purchase HASH tokens for the dividend payouts. Because there is a limited supply of HASH tokens those that get in early will enjoy big returns on their investment along with enjoying a passive income.

BetHash Dividends Program has one of the best dividend partner programs in the business which is unique to the platform. Players can buy HASH or HPOINT tokens which are the platforms own cryptos and receive dividend payments every hour. It means that gamblers do not have to make risky bets to earn a profit as they can simply take part in the dividend program to make profits.

BetHash House Edge

All blockchain casino sites have ultra-low house edge rates and BetHash is no different. You will find games with house edges of a little as 0.08% which means you have a far greater chance to win compared with online casinos. What makes it even better is that players can win up to 98 times the bet amount which is far greater than any other gambling website.

Available Cryptocurrencies At

Players can choose to place bets on a number of the most popular cryptos include their unique tokens called HPOINT and HASH. The cryptocurrencies available are; EOS, BTC, ETH, TRX, IOST, and HPOINT. Depending on one which crypto gamblers purchase they can receive dividend payments in the option they decide on. 

How The BetHash Platform Works

All of the random numbers generated for game outcomes are produced using the EOS blockchain transaction hash. This is a number sequence along with letters that the 21 blocks produce. It means that the RGN is not generated via the operator’s server which provides complete security as it stops any potential to modify or cheat players. The EOS hash ID can not be controlled as it is decentralized.

A prime example of how this works is the lottery game found at BetHash. The transactions on the EOS blockchain generate the winning numbers which are created via a 0.5 block time with each of these producing RGN transactional hash results.

The EOS blockchain is far superior when it comes to the time taken for transactions as when compared to others such as BTC which takes 10 minutes and ETH which takes 2.5 minutes, it means that the games are far faster which makes it superior for gaming. The EOS blockchain hash ID has no bias as they are distributed equally. This means that each of the two last hash digits is equally likely to appear.

BetHash Referral Program

The referral program works differently to traditional online casino affiliate schemes. All of the referrals bets are used to provide the profits which 02% of each bet been paid out to the referer along with a 0.05% Hash Token remuneration. It is not one of the highest paying programs but if a player becomes a regular at the site it will generate a nice income.

Final Thoughts

It is still early stages but what BetHash has so far achieved is impressive and the dividend program is something that makes it stand out. Using the EOS blockchain along with its crypto tokens offers players a 100% real chance to win a fortune such they land the lottery big jackpot and the fact that.

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