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UnikoinGold was established back in 2014 and has since gone on to gain an excellent reputation along with becoming the leading eSports crypto betting company. It is a US-based company that is licensed along with fully regulated and attacks gamers from around the world. Its platform is powered by Unikoin (UKG) which is its crypto token that allows players from all over the globe to place bets and win huge prizes.

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UnikoinGold Features

There are many different games and wagering opportunities that players can take part in which include spectator based along with skill-based betting opportunities. There are daily raffles that users can purchase tickets for a chance to win huge prizes or in-games items which include gaming accessories, hardware, and skins. For those that wish to enter the exclusive raffles, they can do so by purchasing UKG tokens that will provide golden tickets with even greater prizes on offer.

One of the most popular gambling features is playing video games which users can take part in by using their UKG tokens. The payouts are extremely fast and for those that purchase a premium account will get instant access to winnings without any fees attached. There is also an option which enables users to use UKG to tip the professional eSports players should they desire.

There is an option for players to bet using real money but this is only available in countries where gambling is legal.

Unikrn History

Unlike other blockchain gambling platforms, Unikrn has been around for the last five years and during its development stages raise more than $10 million. The investors are all well-known in the investment world which include; Mark Cuban, Guy OSeary, Shari Redstone, 500 Startups, Indicator Ventures, Tabcorp, Hyperspeed Ventures and even famous movie star Ashton Kutcher.

The main target markets are Australia, US, and the UK but it is becoming popular worldwide since the introduction of the UKG token. It also offers business to business partnerships with many third-parties integrating its betting platform along with utilizing the UKG token.

UnikoinGold is best known for its eSports crypto betting community and its platform has been designed around providing the best set-up for this form of gambling. It plays an active role in the community by providing the latest news, running major tournaments along with been a major investor in CS:GO teams which are one of the best in the world. With over 4 million active users per month along with more than 90,000 bets, it makes it one of the largest eSports platforms in the world.

UnikoinGold Betting Features

There are many unique and amazing features that UnikoinGold.com offers players. One of the best things is that players can place wagers on themselves against others at eSports. The jackpots on offer are some of the biggest around and you will find jackpot rooms available to try to win one of the massive prizes. You can earn UnikoinSilver when you connect your gaming accounts along with tokens when you complete online. These can be used to take part in raffles, pre-betting along with live betting so there is a vast range of options to choose from.

UnikoinGold Premium Account

For those wishing to access even more from the platform, they can join the UnikoinGold.com premium account. It provides access to free UKG bonuses that are larger than standard accounts, premium eSports contract which includes the latest stats, insights and more to help choose the best bets to make. It also offers the ability to access pre-match and live to wager along with massive jackpots which are exclusive to these subscribers.

UKG Tokens

There are many different ways that UKG token holders can profit and there are plans to offer even more ways in the future. The main way is via placing bets on eSports professional matches along with playing skill-based games or taking part in tournaments. There are also rewards available for those that host games using the Unikrn’s API.

Who Are The Team Behind UnikoinGold

Unikrn was set up by well-known serial entrepreneur Rahul Soon who was one of the main pioneers at Microsoft which. He was at the company for 6 years and has also founded Voodoo which is now part of HP along with being on the board of directors for Razer which is one of the best gaming companies around.

The co-Founder, Karl Flores is also a serial entrepreneur who’s well-known in the business world due to being the co-founder of popular gaming platform Pinion which Unikrn purchased. Also involved in the team as CTO is Daniel Rudolph who is the founder of PlayAll which is a video game skill-based gambling platform. He also has more than 25 years experience in the IT sector and has been a CTO for many companies based in Europe.

The advisory team is packed with crypto experts from CoinCircle which is headed by Erick Miller. It is a cryptocurrency token platform and UnikoinGold will be listed so that players can buy and sell UKG tokens.

What The Future Holds For Unikrn

The future looks bright for Unikrn as it is in a prime place to become one of the leaders in the eSports crypto betting sector. It is one of the fastest-growing in the world and experts believe that by 2020 there will be an estimated $20 billion wagered each year. The platform has one of the best designs to integrate games easily and seamlessly which is a problem with other similar sites. The UKG tokens provide many advantages and enable greater rewards for gamers including free token giveaways, gaming gear, skins and more.

Final Thoughts

There are not too many competitors presently in the crypto eSports betting marketplace but that will change due to the vast sums of money being placed in the sector. It is one of the fastest-growing which will attract major developers to the industry but UnikoinGold has the advantage of being one of the first which will help it become one of the leaders. With only 20% of KGN tokens been released during the ICO stages, it has the capital to ensure the future.

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