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Sports betting as some of you have experienced can be a bit unfair. However, the thrill of placing a wager and standing a chance to win big has most of us searching for the perfect choice to deal with the impending risk. Thankfully, thanks to tech, some of us are lucky to place bets and never have to deal with the unfair gaming practices. Platforms like Wagerr.com help gamblers avoid the risks using blockchain tech and in this Wagerr review I will talk about everything it has to offer along with information on the latest promotions and how to get free WAG coins online..

Blockchain Casinos

Punters like you and I are free to visit this website and learn how blockchain tech in sports betting trumps traditional online slots. Wagerr lays it all down for us, exploring this site will help you learn all about betting by blockchain and which sites can be trusted. I indulged in this site and found the following information useful and should act as a guideline when you decide to read about sports betting with blockchain tech.

Decentralized Sport Betting

Wagerr platform encourages gamblers to try a fun and secure betting system. Using blockchain gambling tech, you will be playing on a decentralized and self-regulating gaming platform from anywhere in the world. The public ledger tech is discreet and open to you even if you live in a country where betting has been ruled illegal. It comes with reduced risk and covers more than one type of sport.

Blockchain Provably Fair Sports Betting

Blockchain uses a public ledger platform to pass real-time transactions. The platform takes away the third party risk and relies solely on tech, this way; you needn’t worry because Wagerr will ensure that you have the same odds as the house. Being a decentralized and self-regulating site, Wagerr.com provides punters with a fast, accessible, fair betting platform powered purely by tech. Wagerr blockchain technology gets rid of any risk and regulation associated with other online and offline casino betting.

What Is Wagerr.com?

Wagerr is a system designed to stop event data manipulation. It’s organized as a blockchain protocol that penalizes Oracle falsifying data financially. The process is powered by smart contract authentication and execution that relies on correct external event outcomes. The protocol expedites contracts code written and processed through the blockchain self-regulating tech on automation thus eliminating human interference and making the platform safe and secure.

The open source code supporting Wagerr’s protocol is vetted rigorously, the site is reliant on systematic oracle operation incentives to safeguard precise contract execution and network security. To turn in a profit the protocol destroys 50% of smart contract fees through diminishing coin supply an aspect that improves network utilization. In turn, operators and other investors start gaining rewards and fees as crypto coins become scarcer.

Who are the Brains Behind The WAG Coin Concept?

David Mah takes the role of the CEO of this platform. Since 2013, David has dedicated his time to explore and share with the world the possibilities blockchain tech has to offer. David works with a team of professionals including; Robert Christensen, the lead developer. John Choi is assigned the Full Stack Developer role, whereas, Thomas McLaughlin assumes the position of the Support Administrator.

Why Wagerr Coins Though?

Other than using safe and secure oracles to settle sports bets transactions, the Wagerr project grants users two additional ways to make money. The Oracle Masternodes used on this platform regularly updates upcoming sports events giving players a better advantage while placing bets. To execute fairer sports betting the platform relies on Application Specific Smart Contracts protocol that only accepts fixed parameters. The Oracle MasterNode network’s job is to secure the wagers placed ensuring that they’re verified quickly through consensus.

The processes guarantee that the Wagerr platform remains stable, there is zero network risk, and it continues to function at the highest level. Gamblers on this platform are pulled away from the high risk involved in sports betting by making them Oracle master nodes operators who make their cut every time the coin appreciates. 50% of sports betting fees accrued through the master node are turned over and paid out to users as rewards. The third final and best way to make profits with Wagger is to hold the crypto-coin as an investment and forget about it.

The WAG coin will go through value coupling and fetch a handsome price for when you decide to dispose of it.

What Is WAG Coin Value Coupling?

Value coupling is the special link the crypto-coin and the market value it holds. For this crypto coin, the meaning refers to the bridge between the Wagger coin and the Wagerr network betting volume. To achieve this value 48% of betting charges have to be eliminated, and the remainder 2% is left for the platform for overheads and R&D. To fetch better mark up value gamblers continue placing new bets while the network reduces the Wagerr coin supply. The value coupling aspect kicks in, and overtime drives up the token value.

Players wanting to join this new concept and don’t have the Wagerr coin shouldn’t be worried. They can use other currencies such as; BTC, FIAT, Credit Card, WavesPlatform DEX; or have their IDs verified to create a new wallet.

Our Thoughts On Wagerr.com

Wagerr’s self-regulatory system combined with a deflationary nature are two significant aspects that increase the Wagerr coin value making it a secure, safe, long term investment for you. Given that they only dedicate 2% of their stipend to operational costs and R&D, many of us users are happy the company is not only interested in profits.

If they carry on with their vision and mission as they’re into the future, Wagger blockchain tech site will attract hordes of gamblers to its reasonably provable betting portal that grants them a lot of opportunities to make money via free WAG Coins. We hope you enjoyed this Wagerr review and make sure you visit back for the latest updates from Blockchain-based casino games and decentralized sports betting sites.

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