ZenSports Review

ZenSports online casino runs on the ICON protocol platform that promotes a peer-to-peer marketplace open to everyone on the planet wanting to create or accept sports bets. The Smart Contracts tech powering this platform slot takes out the need of using an intermediary. The ZenSports.com platform allows users to generate bets using customized terms and wait for others to accept the terms.

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In a lay term, gamblers become bookmakers without having to apply for a gaming license. The decentralized platform works through Smart Contracts thus championing a trustless system. The technology processes bet results and help settle any disputes in the marketplace. ZenSports has introduced a SPORT token that’s used as currency for bets, penalties, funding processes and payments.

ZenSports Review

Punters have the chance to customize their bets and put it out on the ZenSports platform for others to accept or reject the terms. The comprehensive platform ensures that reasonable bet terms are accepted and have the chances of incrementing as the platform expands. ZenSports.com unique platform protocol allows users to access bets that never appear in traditional sportsbooks. Gamers also have the chance to browse through existing bets created previously and should they like the terms they can accept.

If you create the bet, you have the mandate of publishing the results pertaining to the bet. Dishonesty leads to disputes and disagreements. In such instances, the marketplace takes a vote on the disputed results. To promote trust and honesty, ZenSports uses a token economy that can’t be altered.

Free SPORT Tokens

ZenSports has created a token (SPORT) that powers its economy. The token serves various functions including; penalty payments, bets placements, reward earnings, making payments and funding accounts.  

Players that invest in the SPORT token earn a monthly residual since the marketplace redistributes betting fees based on the token percentage.  Token Allocation The token allocation comes with 1% of tokens distributed to every PreSeed Round from the initial Round First Tranche to the Second Tranche.

A further 50% is dedicated to the ICO sale while 17% is distributed among equity holders, founders, employees, and advisors. 27% is held reserve while the remaining 4% is allocated to airdrops and bounties ICO marketing concepts. The minimum investment one can make on this platform is 25% while the maximum investment stands at $8 million up the hard cap translating to $12 million.

ZenSports Tokens

ZenSports allocates users with a single account to manage their deposits and withdrawals. Punters can transfer ICX or SPORT tokens within minutes. Players have the option of making their deposits through fiat currency, credit card and ACH transfer. Gamers can access and view their funds quickly, and safely.

Download ZenSports App

You can download ZenSports app which can be accessed on iOS and Android stores. However, the developer is working to get it on more jurisdictions. Gamblers can access ZenSports.com on their smart devices through Apple store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android-powered devices.The platform will soon be accessible for players in the US, EU and Canada after they get issued with licenses to operate in these countries.

ZenSports Dividend Partnership

Zensport is a centralized marketplace that allows token owners to earn passive income if they hold on to them. 100% of collected betting fees are paid back to token holders. The passive income is distributed based on the overall SPORT tokens held. Payments are done monthly. ZenSports.com has an edge above competitor blockchain and cryptocurrency casinos by having a robust and functional product.

ZenSport.com future plans In September of 2018, ZenSports added a fiat currency version on its betting platform. Later in the year, ZenSports developed the SPORT token, ICO Smart Contracts making it the leading sports betting platform today

By the end of 2019’s Q1, the firm is working on conducting the ICO, PR and Marketing for the ICO. The company plans to feature SPORT and Smart Contracts integration on into their platform. The second quarter will be dedicated to redesigning the website to create a better interface and user experience.  


ZenSports is a decentralized marketplace that encourages peer-to-peer sports betting. Users on this platform opt to either create their bet that they place on the platform for others to accept or settle on an existing bet. ZenSports.com pays passive income to players holding SPORT tokens by paying them a percentage of the netting fees.

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