TrueGame Review

TrueGame Review

​ is an online lottery gaming platform that comes with in-house games such as, plus scratchies, plus prizes, and featured games. All the games found on are blockchain-based. The platform runs two lottery games exclusive to TrueGame; however, if you wish to learn more info about the lottery games, you have to register on the site.

Blockchain Casinos

By clicking on the info provided, you will find content about a game that was developed recently. Our TrueGame review will help you discover what’s in stock on this platform should you decide to check it out!

TrueGame Crypto Lottery

Blockchain Ball and Crypto Millions are the only two lottery games available on Both these games offer punters one million jackpot. To gather more info about the game, you need to subscribe to the platform.

Browsers are not privy to any info, not even the terms and conditions. Moreover, player rewards are calculated in ETH, inasmuch as the jackpot advert flashes the $ sign. From what we have gathered, the lottery games appear once monthly.

Why Does Stand Out?

What intrigued us most was the fact that the platform applies blockchain technology at different stages of every game. By using this tech, each game result can be verified on blockchain’s open registry and isn’t prone to manipulation. The technology helps generate random combinations, thus ensuring fair gaming. The technology also applied to the last game stages, ensuring that rewards are distributed instantaneously. These steps go further to prove to punters that the platform is fair, secure and trustworthy. has a project that is currently running. On this platform, gamers participate in numerous games in the following categories; lotteries scratch cards, gift boxes, and prize draws. After launching the ICO, True-Game will be adding new games including; Smart roulette, dice, slot games, bingo and a boatload more! 

Winning On

TrueGame offers gamblers a win prizes zone that works just like a raffle. Lucky punters get a chance at winning prizes including; Samsung Galaxies, iPhones, Xiaomi Mi Smartphone, Ninebot mini, Crypto Mug, and Victorinox Camper II multi-knife. The odds of winning awards ranging from 750 to 1 on high-end items.

For lower-end items, the odds stand at 20-1. From what we deduced, draws are done weekly; however, there is no info about the exact day or date. Players are left to foot delivery costs.

What You Need To Know grants users instant win scratch cards, prizes on offer range from $1,000 to $5,000 and come with better-published odds which surpass those of higher rewards named above.

The platform offers gamers a demo feature which we found to be basic. Another “Games” area is still under beta mode, and we couldn’t gain access. Punters are requested to click the “Notify me” button to learn when the game mode in the beta will go live. However, this selection will require gamers to subscribe to the platform. 

The TrueGame platform offers subscribers a ‘Play for Free’ area. Gamers are given a $10 gift card in Free TGame coins to play, but only if they subscribe to the platform. 

Withdrawing Rewards

From what we saw, there isn’t a way for players to withdraw any money they deposit. The only withdrawal method is from the ETH wallet. After skimming through the FAQ section, we discovered that withdrawing funds to bank accounts or credit cards went live back in February 2018. In the terms and conditions section, there is a set limit of 0.1 ETH minimal withdrawal. 

The time it takes to process a withdrawal request is within 24hrs.

Who Can Play?

Players who are 21+ are welcomed to play. The gambling platform is open to punters from anywhere in the world apart from these nations: France, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, United States, Dutch Caribbean Islands, The Netherlands, and Curaçao.

TGame Coins

TGame coins are exclusive to TrueGame betting platform. The tokens are based on ERC20 Protocol. As of today, the total number of released tokens stands at 300,000. The platform will reach a maximum of 300,000,000 tokens.

Who is TrueGame? is registered in Costa Rica and displays both its official email address and postal code. The website provides an online form, but there are no live chat or phone numbers availed.

On the downside, the platform doesn’t provide information on the time they will take to respond to any questions or queries. The website is littered with pictures of team members and advisors; however, they don’t provide contact details for the same. Most people shown on the website have LinkedIn links, and you can follow them to know more about the individuals. 

Final Thoughts

Players that subscribe to will be able to play different kinds of games, including; Cards, Sweepstakes, attractive Prizes, etc. Presently, the only available games types are attractive prizes, lottery, and scratch card. The new games that will be availed soon will be part of the main attractions. Punters will be glad to know that everything runs automatically as it’s a decentralized platform.

Everything will be running on Blockchain technology means that there are no third parties involved. Player’s information will be secured, and they can follow transactions and gaming operations live because Blockchain technology encourages public participation. The platform is honest and fair!

Gamblers can easily make deposits and withdrawals thanks to the platform’s cryptocurrency use. With only a few button clicks, gamers can deposit or make withdrawals. is a platform that accords users everything they desire including; secure system, exciting entertainment, transparent platform, and fair systems.

It’s up to the gamer to decide whether he wants to subscribe to this gaming platform and be part of the development. Subscribing ensures that you are treated fairly when you engage on the platform!

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