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Crypto Casino is a blockchain-based platform that uses cutting edge technology to guarantee players Fairness, unlike what traditional online casinos offer. runs on FunFair technologies that ensure punters play the best and fastest games. To be happy when playing, it’s paramount that gamers feel safe. The platform boasts of being the fairest gambling scene online. Gamblers access a platform that purely runs on blockchain tech, which helps it provide 100% balanced gameplay.

Blockchain Casinos

How Crypto Casino Works provides players with provably fair gaming where they get to verify every transaction and gaming process in real-time. Moreover, users are guaranteed of random yet accurate outcomes. Punters are guaranteed that every time they come across the FairChecker tick on Crypto Casino, they should rest assured that every wheel spin, dice roll, and card turn is 100% fair guaranteed.

Why Does Crypto Casino Stand Out?

To stay ahead of the competition, Crypto Casino uses a platform that secures and guarantees payouts. Gamers fund their gaming sessions directly from their cryptocurrency wallet accounts. Smart Contracts come into play by holding their bets in escrow, releasing them only when a winner gets determined.

The house is also tasked with releasing winnings instantly without delay nor making partial payments. In short, whenever players win, their funds are deposited into their accounts within minutes! Crypto Casino runs on the Ethereum blockchain domain and is built on a proprietary platform. The move helps the developer avoid using unsecured, and vulnerable in-house servers thus promoting trust. Moreover, since blockchain tech is unhackable, security is enhanced!

Who Is Crypto Casino?

A team of professional experienced online gaming geeks and blockchain fans came together and founded TTM B.V. By incorporating the latest cutting edge technology; punters can now enjoy the best trustworthy, safe, and secure gaming.

The developers ensure that the gaming experience is in the players’ control and to make them believe the same; the platform doesn’t require gamers to make deposits and make instant payments for every win! For further questions or clarification on how to use the casino, get in touch with TTM B.V. through live chat, and you will be answered ASAP!

Who Are FunFair Technologies?

FunFair plays the roles of the B2B blockchain casino platform, the front runner. The platform is disrupting the gaming industry to make it better by powering a new crop of casino operators who provide low-cost gambling platforms and grant gamers Fair gaming.

FunFair technologies were co-founded by Jeremy Longley, Jez San OBE, and Oliver Hopton in 2017. Today, the team has multiplied to include 40 individuals who operate from London and Dublin.

Collectively, the team has 100 plus years of gambling and an additional 20 years of blockchain expertise. Crypto Casino is growing in popularity and is also set to gain instant access to FunFair’s audience consisting of 65,000 FUN token holders. Also, it will profit from the massive player base that has been growing over the years, thanks to FunFair’s affiliate program that runs worldwide. Moreover, Crypto Casino acts as RakeTheRake’s first dive into the online casino and blockchain platform.

It is championing a new age gambling space where players can gain access to FunFair’s low-cost, easy-to-integrate platform that brings back the trust they lost playing traditional online casinos. By bringing to the masses FunFair’s proprietary Guaranteed Fair technology and a raft of gaming portfolio that leaves the competition wanting, Crypto Casino is dead set at elevating the blockchain gambling standard.

FUN Coin Cryptocurrency In A Nutshell

As of today, there is an entire supply of 10,999,873,621 FUN coin. June 22, 2017, was the day the FunFair ICO token sale culminated where an approximate $20 million worth of ETH, BTC, and ZEC was raised. Developers clarify that no more FUN will be mined or minted.

FUN coin take up the role of digital casino chips which developers use as payment when they publish games when paying casinos to license the platform. They also require gamblers to pay fun Tokens when placing wagers on the platform.

Every transaction done on the FunFair platform is tokenized using FUN, which then gets stored in cold storage. To cover betting odds casino operators are required to stake enough FUN coin that cover the loss. The move helps in guaranteeing token payouts.

Statistics show that over $4 million worth of FUN is traded every day. Cryptocurrency exchange markets that support FUN include the following:

Other Fun trading pair include the likes of Fiat USD, ETH, BTC, and UDST. FUN ERC-20 token gets stored in any ERC20-compatible crypto wallet such as Nano Ledger S hardware wallet and MyEtherWallet.

What Makes The Best Online Casino Platform?

Casinos favor tokens to cash; branded chips act as currency in land-based casinos, thus making cryptocurrency tokens an ideal situation for online gambling. Besides, mobile gaming utilizes virtual currency swap to tokenize freemium in-game microtransactions. Where the two markets cross is what FunFair is aiming at, and by taking out the third-party, the platform believes it will have the edge it needs to remain competent and relevant.

How Does FunFair Work?

Punters register through FunPass, which serves as age and an identification KYC verification domain, the process marks the gamer’s Ethereum wallet as approved. The next step involves the creation of Ethereum Smart Contract between the game developer and the gambler.

The player parts with an initial fee after converting his funds into FUN, kindly note that after the Smart Contract gets set up, all the gaming calculations are undertaken on the Fate channel sidechain.

As soon as the punter completes the gaming session, the win-loss record, as well as the final balance, is immediately updated on Ethereum blockchain. The process hastens the gameplay as it lowers the transaction fees.

The gaming selection is left at the domain of the open developer market, as well as casino staples including baccarat, poker, slots, craps, roulette, and blackjack. These are all the games that have been availed on the beta network since May 2018.

FunFair also partners with Big Wave Gaming and Spike Games to generate additional blockchain-based gaming content. CasinoFair and RaketheRake are some of the blockchain-based casino operators that have committed to using the FunFair cutting edge tech.

FunFair is one of the handfuls of gambling platforms on the Ethereum platform. However, it’s wise to add that technically, it’s not in competition with Augur which serves as a prediction platform. The bets placed on FunFair are different, and it further promises to separate itself from the competition by providing gamers with a transparent platform. Unfortunately, a lot of land-based and online casino platforms are taking advantage of naive players by falsely advertising through bots about their change into blockchain gaming.

When and if FunFair becomes adequately licensed, and works with licensed casinos, it will encourage lots of players to join on board and profit from fair gambling, however, as of now this remains as a farfetched theory.

CryptoCasino Summary

FunFair doesn’t operate as an online casino; however, it runs a blockchain-based network for casino operators to license. It’s challenging to navigate the multi-billion-dollar industry, but, by making solid partnerships with casino operators and gaming developers, the project is slated to succeed. is among the first platform to promote the new technology; punters are encouraged to give it a go and feel what the gaming future has in store!

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