Edgeless Casino Review

Edgeless Review

Blockchain technology is on track to disrupt the online gambling niche. Through decentralization, blockchain tech is eliminating issues crippling this industry. Edgeless.io is a decentralized casino with its headquarters in Lithuania. The platform uses smart contracts and prides itself as being the first online platform to operate with Ethereum’s blockchain tech. The casino has produced an ERC-20 token named EDG.

Blockchain Casinos

The technology enables Edgeless.io to move from the traditional House having an Edge concept, to a provably fair platform. Edgeless casino uses blockchain tech to ensure that gamblers have a fair platform to win through skill and luck. The Curacao Gambling License regulatory body licenses, the latter began its operations in the first quarter of 2018. The site displays that gamblers can join on the platform regardless of where they’re in the world.

However, punters in nations such as France, Turkey, United States, Netherlands, Singapore, and the United Kingdom are restricted from accessing this platform due to their individual countries’ restrictive laws against gambling.

How To Play Edgeless Blockchain Games

To open an account on Edgeless casino is easy, all you need is a valid email address. Once it’s verified, you are only left to select a suitable password. Despite not having launched a mobile app yet, the site is optimized for mobile use. The graphics are of HD quality and are pleasing, the interface is fast, and you will navigate the site with ease.

The site uses blockchain technology to power the two available games. The Dice and Blackjack games are timeless and popular with many punters both young and old. To ensure players are having a great time playing the provably fair games, Edgeless runs active chat windows on every game enabling gamblers to interact between themselves and offer help when needed.

Edgless Dice

Dice game is easy to use and understand. Newbies that have never played this game before will only take a couple of minutes to get acquainted. The game uses The Random Number Generator (RNG) to generate a random number that determines whether you have won or lost the game. The RNG software takes a trillionth of a second to generate a number making this platform’s Dice game the fastest amongst crypto casinos. By using blockchain tech, the Edgeless Dice game powered by Edgeless.io slot is fully decentralized.

The tech ensures that it eliminates cheating, the costs are low, and the RNG’s functionality is high and fast enough to work with many people logged in and playing at the same time. We took this to the test and logged onto the platform simultaneously, we played for over five hours, and none of us experienced any delays or came across a glitch. We trust that it will be able to function seamlessly even when thousands of players are logged on at the same time.

Gamblers playing this blockchain casino dice game can choose to either play manually or on automation. With manual betting; gamers will play every round manually, however, with automated betting, players set up the parameters they desire and activate computerized betting, and the game starts playing without their intervention.

Edgeless Blackjack

Blackjack which is also named twenty-one is a casino game that commands a decent number of gamblers. The game has a superb and straightforward interface; the gaming mechanics are similar to the rest of blackjack games in the market. You will enjoy playing this game even if it’s your first time as it is easy to understand. Being powered by smart contracts, the game also extended provably fair gaming. Blockchain casino tech allows gamblers to keep tabs on the info of the games they played, the bet amount, payouts, profits generated and the time they took to play among others.

Edgeless.io EDG Coin Payment System

Users can make deposits through fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. All the bets placed on this platform are made with the EDG token. Punters must be in possession of Ethereum or Bitcoin coins to purchase EDG coins. Your account gets verified once you are in possession of Edgeless tokens, after verification, you can make a deposit and commence with playing. Thanks to blockchain tech, deposits and withdrawals are done quickly.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is 2 EDG, converting the token back into fiat currency takes a few minutes, and you can collect your cash.

Edgeless Casino Betting

The maximum and minimum betting amounts are Dice: Minimum: 0.01 Maximum: 100 EDG Blackjack: Minimum: 0.2 Maximum: 100 EDG.

Edgeless.io Customer Support

To offer real-time help Edgeless casino operates a chat service. Gamblers can chat the customer support and get a response within minutes. Email support is also available, and they usually take less than 24hrs to respond.


Edgeless casino is among the first smart casinos that have set havoc to traditional gambling methods. Offering players a trustable and transparent gambling platform with an almost zero house edge and no transactional fees, Edgeless is quickly becoming the go-to gambling platform. Excellent service starting with a fast, easy and anonymous withdrawal process is a huge plus. Crypto blockchain gambling is still in its infancy, but it’s picking up quickly.

Recently, Edgeless casino introduced Baccarat on its platform, and within the year, the developer claims to be in line to launch 10 additional games. We shall also be waiting to see when they launch Sportsbetting and introduce Poker. From our experience on this platform, we have nothing to say other than Edgeless casino delivers what it promises. Edgeless.io is an excellent platform for you if you are looking to get into blockchain gambling.  

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