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Welcome to Blockchain Casino Games which is a free online resource for finding the latest smart contract based game casinos and decentralized betting platforms. You will get instant access to new ETH based gaming platforms along with special crypto promotions and free token coin giveaways. Our team has conducted an extensive test on all the sites listed so that you can have a safe and amazing experience playing at cryptocurrency gambling platform online during 2019

Blockchain Casinos

Gamblers are quickly realizing that blockchain casino sites 2019 are the way to go. Ethereum based casinos are rapidly gaining popularity thanks to their transparency. Punters on these platforms can see in real time how their monies are transacting, how they have a provably fairground to play, and the best bit is getting paid their winnings in full!

Edgeless casinos are embracing Ethereum blockchain technology to offer players zero house edge gaming. To create trust, they don’t hold your bets and wagers since blockchain casino tech uses an automation process to transact and issue payments through its public ledger..

Edgeless Blockchain Casino

Edgeless casino is the first gambling platform to get a cryptocurrency license. The developer has integrated smart contracts to run all the games. The developer opted for Ethereum smart contract tech opposed to bitcoin gambling since the latter remains an unsecured and unexplored domain. The blockchain technology used on the Edgeless Casino platform is transparent, fair and open to all and the reason why the casino was awarded a gambling license.

Ethereum Smart Contracts tech replaces human resources and utilizes an unhackable code to validate transactions on this platform. It takes out the need for incorporating third-parties for transactions authorization by using EDG token coins algorithm for verifying and auditing transactions. Players on this site are happy with the tech since they can play knowing that the results they get are 100% transparent and their odds for winning are similar to that of the house. Edgeless casino is at the forefront of this new format of crypto gaming and the blockchain.

To earn gamblers’ trust Edgeless casino uses a fairness and randomness tool. The tech in the tool uses Smart Contract that integrates with the Ethereum blockchain tech to ensure no party games the system. The tech captures all activity happening inside the server and publicly displays the info on a blockchain ledger. The action is done automatically and in real time eliminating any cheating chances. Gamblers that are lucky to win can see their monies deposited into their payment gateways within seconds.

Casino Fair Powered By FunFair

One of the most exciting blockchain casinos we have listed on our website is Casino Fair as it is powered by the latest FunFair technology. is using smart contracts combined with the ETH network to create a decentralized games platform. Its mission is to create a new faster, low cost and fun platform in the gambling sector.

Casino Fair games are powered by FUN Tokens which are part of the ecosystem of the ERC-20 token. The work faster than most others due to been sent over the Ethereum network via each participant. The ownership of FUN tokens is completely anonymous along with having a deflationary system in place capping coin creation.

Players at Casino Fair place bets using FUN tokens and for those that take part in the affiliate program will earn FUN which can then be exchanged at a cryptocurrency exchange for real money. All of the games are powered by Fun Fairs RNG software which uses smart contracts that mean zero tampering can take place and everything is transparent.

EOSBET - EOS Based Casino

EOSBet is a unique pioneering concept that is the first of its kind to use the EOS blockchain casino to power gambling games. It has one of the most popular crypto dice games you will find and due to it been powered by smart contract payments are instantaneous. Each player is given their own unique ID which is connected to an individual smart contract. This means that each time a bet is to place a signature of the gambler will be placed that is confirmed by the servers using a secret key that is predetermined. The smart contract then verifies the process making sure that all information is correct. All bets are resolved autonomously via the use of a random number generated using the players signature.

EOSbet started life using the ETH network but decided to move its platform to EOS to avoid any problems with Ethereum scalability. It consistently ranks amongst the best blockchain casino games sites 2019 and has big plans to extend its library of titles along with crypto betting options.

WAGERR Decentralized Betting Platform

Smart Contracts are in-built software systems ingrained in Ethereum, and it makes it easy for gamblers to place bets on all sorts of sports at Wagerr. It forms a block on every wager using encryption that can’t be tampered with. If you happen to win on your bet, the software uses Ethereum tech to release funds to your provided address automatically and in real-time. tech eliminates third-party transactions thus securing the platform from any hacking or tampering. The transactions and operations are done on a public ledger promoting transparency. Players are not mandated to leave their private info on the site and only need to provide a payment gateway. Deposits and withdrawals don’t attract transaction fees, and they are expedited within seconds.

Trustless Decentralized Gambling Platforms

Through Blockchain-based smart contracts integration, players place wagers and play on trustless gambling platforms. The technology helps casinos and gamblers use a system that takes away the need to send money to third parties. Online sites don’t control your funds anymore since the blockchain tech gives you full autonomy on your funds.

You are in charge of depositing the wager amounts and watch how it’s transacting real-time without interruption. The tech deducts funds from your wallet without charging fees, and it deposits your wins into the same wallet instantly. It helps you skip the mundane back and forth correspondence associated with traditional casinos that fleece you your winnings by invoking bogus T&Cs. Regardless of the amount you win, Casino Blockchain transfer the same to your wallet immediately since the platform can’t put a hold on your well-earned crypto coins and tokens.

How Smart Contract Casino Powered By The Blockchain Work

Well over half a century now slot remains a popular casino entertainment. Their (punters) method of relying on luck to win still reins on today. Unfortunately, casino owners have since then till today game the system and often end up fleecing players. Fortunately, with new smart contracts tech, gone are the days where casinos had the house edge!

Blockchain based Ethereum smart contracts now displays gamblers winnings on the technology’s public ledger. It’s now impossible for casinos to alter the data to favor them because they too cannot cheat the system.

Smart Contract Casinos

Case in point; if you place a bet on a Poker game and win, the tech will forward your winning instantly to your private wallet. Smart contracts generate a code that works within milliseconds transferring the amount won to your provided address. The process is done automatically without any third-party interference.

With the addition of new blockchain tech in the gambling niche, casinos will only benefit by attracting players through trust.In essence, smart contracts are reintroducing transparency into the online slots world and casinos that embrace this approach will continue making a profit.

Blockchain And Smart Contract Based Casinos And Sports Betting

Blockchain technology has been introduced to the online gambling industries. The tech is helping gaming platforms generate trust with gamblers by presenting them with transparent gaming, giving them surety that their odds of winning are high and their wagers are generated fairly. SuperData research center published results on their site showing that between 2017-2018 mobile gaming went up by 75%. It’s also during this period it was predicted that the online slot niche would cross over to more than $50 billion annually.

Today, smart devices account for over 25% of all online gambling sessions; unfortunately, this means that players are at risk of losing from the more than 1.4 million monthly fake sites that take advantage over the lack of transparency in this industry. Moreover; legit online casinos are vulnerable to getting hacked into and having gamers lose their monies.

Don’t get me wrong, a vast majority of online slots are legitimate, the only downside this industry faces is the lack of avenues punters can use to check whether the platform they opt for is genuine and if it’s trustworthy. Blockchain casino review sites, forums, and social media comments are forming the base in which players are using to find reliable gambling platforms. Sites that offer safe and secure services are often regarded highly and in return observe a lot of traffic on their platforms.

Trustworthy Blockchain Casino Games Sites

Gambling sites that integrate blockchain technology into their platforms start forming trust with players. The tech ensures that all parties involved are not cheated neither do they get a chance to game the system. The tech improves transparency by using a valid public ledger to showcase real-time transactions. 2018 saw lots of companies across many industries embrace blockchain tech to eliminate a variety of problems in their individual niches.

The transparency provided by blockchain tech through open ledger transactions has seen many developers incorporate it in the hospitality sector and mass transportation (shipping, trucking) niches. On the online slots genre, the tech brings back trust to gamblers by showing them in real time how their wagers are transacting, and the results (win or loss) are fairly generated.

Blockchain ETH Smart Contract Based Casinos

Blockchain tech through smart contracts have taken out the role played by third parties and created a transparent transactions environment. Ethereum blockchain tech ensures that all operations and transactions are done on automation thus making it impossible for the casinos, players or hackers to cheat.

Our Thoughts

Today, various crypto gaming platforms such as; FunFair, EOSBet, and Wagerr run initial coin offerings (ICOs) to gain a profit with their value increase. They have brought down operational costs and eliminated transaction costs to gain more users on their sites, in return, they will make their profits through the value-adding onto individual crypto coins.

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