The Leading Crypto Casino Gambling Platform 2019

Several different elements make bad or the best crypto casinos so before you gamble you need to be knowledgeable about these first. What makes cryptocurrency casino platforms different from traditional online casinos is that each one is unique, therefore, you can not play at one and expect the same results at another. If you are new to bitcoin and the blockchain it can be confusing to start but you will soon grasp what it is all about once you purchase your first cryptocurrency.

To help new crypto gamblers find the best cryptocurrency-based casino, we have compiled a list of the top providers. Our team has conducted a full evaluation of each along with full testing to see if the platform delivers on its promises. Below are our top five best crypto casinos of 2019 that are available now and have their unique gaming tokens.

1 – FairSpin Casino

FairSpin used to be formally known as TruePlay but has recently gone through a rebranding. It is at the forefront of crypto casino development and uses the blockchain to provide the most transparent and trusted gambling platform that has ever existed. Add to this one of the best libraries of high-quality games include top of the range slots machines and you have one of the greatest platforms for gambling that has ever been developed.

2 – CasinoFair/Crypto Casino

CasinoFair and Crypto Casino are both powered by FunFair technologies which is why we have them both in joint second. We would have put them in the first place but due to many countries’ restrictions, it means that only a few limited counties presently can access the site. Both are powered by FunCoin which is crypto created using the Ethereum blockchain and big things are expected from this new gambling token.

FunFair is on a missing to create the highest standards for online gaming and this business to business blockchain platform has created the infrastructure to make this possible. It has the latest high-quality games available along with an ecosystem that rewards users. With it been built around providing the ultimate transparency and trust, expect to see gamblers folk to FunCoin casinos.

3 – BetTronLive

BetTronLive is the best Tron based casino and users become shareholders in the project when they purchase RAKE tokens online. Never before has community ownership of casinos been possible but thanks to this groundbreaking technology all that take part receive regular dividend profits. Thanks to the superior speed that the Tron blockchain offers it means that now live dealer games can be played along with the latest high-quality titles. The ecosystem used to power the platform is built around the user with unique ways for players to earn free crypto by watching videos and carrying out tasks.

4 – YOUnited

One of the best things about blockchain technology is that it enables the creation of peer to peer platforms and that is exactly what the YOUnited website is all about. With no house involvement, the games have the best odds you will find at any online casino. The social gaming platform offers a chance for players to play against other players along with having an amazing rewards system that distributes winnings to the participating users.

5 – Bethereum 

Bethereum has been winning all of the awards during 2019 thanks to its unique design that is all about the user experience. With some of the most fun games to play, it is generating a huge buzz and the platform is only at the start of its journey. With smart contracts running on the blockchain following the BetherNet protocol which is unique to the site, it offers all the advantages of crypto gaming and more.

Final Thoughts

The above list has all the best crypto casinos you will find in 2019 and by playing at any of the platforms you will experience the very latest crypto gambling technology. There are lots of free cryptocurrency tokens available so you can either gamble or hold to receive regular dividend profits at the sites that offer community ownership. Blockchain is going to help to erase fraud and cheating operators which is what the industry has required since its online inception.

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