CoinPoker review

CoinPoker Review

CoinPoker is a blockchain tech designed poker room that grants casual purchases and poker players a wealth of value. Players entering this room will profit from highly competitive rakes, together with value-added bonuses and promotions. These value-added packages have been designed to drive traffic, and the potential appreciation of CHPs linked to the creation of a robust poker economy.

Blockchain Casino

The CoinPoker platform is fully developed and will go live after the ICO launch guaranteeing CHP purchasers immediate benefits. The software has gone through beta testing and is now at the stage where the Minimum Viable Product is ready for trial.

Developers have poured millions into this project to get the CoinPoker platform to reach this sector. The platform uses blockchain tech to solve issues that inhibit the growth of online poker. Some of the solutions provided by the include:

  • Proper game management 
  • Promoting integrity 
  • Elimination of payment processing issues 
  • Promotion of blockchain marketing initiatives 
  • Creation of Random Number Generation

The Blockchain tech run platform makes it easy for the voting system based on user preference to have a say about product design, development, and launching of new games. The gambling industry analysts agree that the timing is excellent for CoinPoker to hit the market. Forecasts show that poker will become even more popular in emerging regions such as South America and Asia.

The US market is also warming up to this new kind of gambling, and within three years, the number of players accessing Blockchain-based casino platforms will treble!

CoinPoker Welcome Bonus is offering the first 1,000 CHP for free to gamers that sign up for this platform. A simple mobile app download or signing up through a web browser are the initial steps to claiming the bonus. After signing up, gamblers should play some Freerolls to build up their bankroll. An alternative is to deposit into their crypto wallets using cryptocurrencies such as BTC or ETH.

After engaging in several tournaments or playing a few cash games, and contributing 100CHP to the community, it only takes seven days or less to have their balance updated with the 1,000 CHP bonus!

How CoinPoker Works

CoinPoker’s is a decentralized programmatic online poker platform with a set of contracts powered by advanced blockchain technologies such as Ethereum and others. The tech comes in handy in taking out and minimizing the substantial online poker problems we are witnessing today. CryptoCurrency Online Poker CoinPoker runs on Ethereum Smart Contracts crypto-currency protocols.

After launch, the online poker platform will introduce new crypto named CHP. Players will be able to purchase CHP crypto online regardless of their jurisdiction. Using platform, users will have an advantage thanks to the processing speed. They can withdraw or make deposits from their CoinPoker wallets instantly.

CHP will be accessible worldwide; users will be able to purchase and trade the crypto through reputable third-party platforms. In a nutshell, CHP will be used for poker playing on the CoinPoker platform by punters that possess CHP lawfully and are trading from a permanent jurisdiction.

These jurisdictions include locations that a legitimate authority legalizes Online Poker or nations where the laws of the land don’t govern online poker. By including such conditions, CoinPoker platform opens up to previously closed geographical markets and takes out the need to use third-party brokers, banks, and eWallets

The platform reintroduces trust, safety, and expeditious transactions that were inhibited by the third parties named above.

Anonymous Poker

Smart Contracts will ensure that token holders identity remain both anonymous and safe. The Poker room is backed by strong legal opinions that will allow it to operate through the maximally simplified registration process that will take out the need to collect personal data.

Ethereum Smart Contract Poker

Smart Contracts play a crucial role in powering and running the next-generation Blockchain tech-based platforms. The tech facilitates two anonymous parties to conduct business with each other over the internet anonymously and without third-party intervention. The whole concept for this is to develop next-gen poker that fulfills the following:

  • Transparency and Fairness: a poker platform that relies on blockchain tech to verify gameplay. 
  • Fast & Cheap: it ensures that there’s zero latency between the user pressing UI buttons and seeing the result. It helps bring down costs associated with transactions and data storage.

Using Ethereum based Smart Contracts, next-gen online poker will fulfill the above criteria. They will be made public for all to see and examine. 

RNG Blockchain Casino Games Transparency

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is a critical part of any poker software. Pseudorandom Number Generators are useful software-based RNG that acts as a random process that can’t be exploited.

Blockchain tech can change the above traditional system. The point of having a transparent blockchain RNG is not new, and the RNG at CoinPoker has been engineered to utilize tech that promotes randomness.

As technology improves, soon, a full blockchain solution will be put in place to guarantee complete randomness that doesn’t interfere with the execution speed. Numerous PRNGs implementations on Blockchain have hit a snug, studying what went wrong and working around the same will help change the dynamics of Blockchain backed online poker! Oracles

Oracles serve as third-party centralized services; they are more useful outside the blockchain structure, including its consensus mechanisms. Having them outside the system leads to credibility issues. Moreover, relying on Oracles in the randomness generation is a slow process. It takes between 1 and 2 minutes to either pick a number or generate a card from the deck.

Coin Poker Block Hashes

They’re by far the worst RNG implementation. Other than being slow, they’re also vulnerable to attacks thanks to their poor designs. As it is now, not one technology in use today is capable of creating a manageable poker game when it comes to speed. Moreover; while Blockchain-based online poker is still in its infancy, the on-chain architecture might not be optimal.

Recent data shows that Ethereum transaction confirmation results in delayed responses that are around 35 seconds, an unacceptable time frame for poker players. Ethereum blockchain demands that each transaction is paid for. If we assume that every card shuffle translates to a transaction, will be worth approximately $2-3 in either BTC or ETH thus creating an expensive and unbeatable game for both the poker room and the gamblers.

CoinPoker has developed an accurate RNG which it has patented as part of their intellectual property. The hybrid based system utilizes a pre-committed partial RNG seed that will be provided separately by every operator and gamer participating. 

The partial seeds come together and are used by the SFMT1 algorithm (RNG engine) that is placed inside the platform’s server. Each gameplay and every participating seed info gets registered and uploaded publicly in defined time intervals. The final game info is availed to all participants thanks to a smart contract on Blockchain for review and verification.

CoinPoker Summary

Gamblers will have visibility of everything taking place on the network such as the randomness in which cards get distributed and the play actions taking place. Furthermore; the Ethereum-based token contracts comply with the ERC20 standard.

Developers have flocked to this platform by the droves thanks to the compliance. It means that there are minimal chances of corrupting or censoring Smart Contracts thanks to the decentralized infrastructure.

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