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There are many problems with traditional online casino sites that have led to less competition and players been scammed out of money. One of the major issues is the setup costs of starting web-based casinos as on average it costs more than $100,000. It had meant that a monopoly of providers have taken the marketplace over and has hampered the development of new platforms wanting to enter the space. They are also very expensive to run with many staffing and regulatory costs which has seen a large number go out of business along with making them less profitable for gamblers. Real Casino which is a blockchain-based model aims to change this and will transform the sector which will help to eradicate these issues.

Blockchain Casinos

A typical online casino has a house edge rate of 10% which is required if they want to stay in business due to the high set up and running costs. Due to this, it means that gamblers are certain to lose their money which is why the millennial generation has been moving away from traditional gambling platforms. Trust has been eradicated due to many rogue operators in the industry which can cheat the system by delivering non-random results which are not possible to check as the information is not publically available.

Blockchain Casino Platforms

Blockchain casino games have been around now for over a decade but the first generation had many issues that needed to be overcome. One of the major issues is speed as the Bitcoin blockchain takes up to 2 minutes and the Ethereum blockchain takes around 30 seconds to process the transaction. When used for gambling purposes this is a problem as it means players have a wait a long time for the outcome of bets.

One other major problem with the early bitcoin casino platforms is that the transactions for gambling can be expensive as each transaction needs to be confirmed which costs a tiny amount of money. Also, the gameplay was very limited as the games were designed by non-casino professionals. Most were limited to a very basic graphic with very limitation features to keep gamblers entertained.

Real Casino Provides The Solution

The development team at RealCasino have analyzed all of the problems faced by traditional online casinos and blockchain gaming platforms. They have managed to come up with a solution for all of the issues which will transform the industry. Below are the key aspects that are offered which no other crypto or real money gambling site can offer.

Extremely Fast Transactions

Unlike most blockchain casino sites that use the bitcoin blockchain to run games, Real Casino works differently as it eliminates the required for miners for each bet. They have developed a unique solution that provides real-time results and instant response times. This is due to the creation of CHIP tokens that power the system to create the best gaming environment.

Extremely Low-Cost Transactions

Because is a decentralized platform that uses its own token called CHIP along with smart programmed contracts it means that the house costs are almost zero. It means that due to operational costing being far lower than the savings can be passed on to create a better margin of profits for gamblers.

Games That Prove Fairness

If you follow the blockchain casino space you will know that all games that run on the block are provably fair. is no different and offers the latest HASH based random number that ensures that no cheating is being carried out.

Casino Blockchain Escrow

One problem faced by gamblers at traditional online casinos is that they do not have full control over their fund as they are stored centrally. It means that if they have a big win, it is possible for the operator to not pay out or fraud to be committed on their account. This is not the case at Real Casino as money is stored in a decentralized escrow account and all payments conducted by a smart contract which eliminates the problems of centralized money storage.

Fast And Simple KYC

The signup process for online casinos is a long and drawn out procedure that is very intrusive. Players are required to provide personal along with banking information and it can take a few days before it is complete so that funds can be withdrawn. At Real Casino gamblers only have to use an ETH address so it could not be any simpler, faster or secure.

Fantastic Quality Games And Mobile Friendly

You will not get bored of the games at RealCasino as unlike many blockchain casinos which have poor graphics and gameplay, the titles available have been designed by professionals in the industry with extensive experience of delivering the best quality. They also work on all devices so you will not experience any difference on different platforms such as mobile or desktop.

Real Casino Key Features

Many key features make RealCasino the best cryptocurrency gambling platform. Many other blockchain casinos use similar technology such as smart contract and a distributed decentralized network to create true fair games but lack on other vital aspects that are required to enhance performance to deliver outstanding results.

One of the main features lacking at blockchain casinos is the game choice with very limited basic quality games that can become very boring. This is one of the areas that Real Casino excels with making table games, video slots, crypto dice along with live dealer games all with complete transparency that work in real-time. It is achieved through a 1,000 node network that delivers RGNs at a fraction of the cost of typical smart contract casino platforms.

Real Casino Business Partnerships

The development team has not just set up a platform for players as they have designed the best business partnership opportunity in the business. As discussed at the start of this RealCasino review the cost of setting up an online casino costs over $100,000 and can take several months before it is running but that is not the case with their amazing model. It enables anyone within a couple of days to have a gambling site open at a fraction of the cost.

Key Features

The patent Node technology is the best in the casino business and will give business partners the edge over the competition. With HD games along with live dealers, it provides everything you will find at the best online casinos and more. It provides a crypto-based gambling platform that is fully auditable and offers the ultimate trust which will transform the sector.

Final Thoughts

The Real Casino team has excelled in every aspect of what makes a great experience. They have managed to overcome all of the present issues in both the traditional and blockchain gambling world. It is by far one of the best examples of how cryptocurrency technology can be used to take the industry to the next level and we expect big things from them shortly. Grab your free CHIP tokens now by visiting the site and registering for an account at online.

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