Augur Review

Augur Review

One of the best US developers of a decentralized betting prediction market is who started back in 2015 and have been leading beta testing in this new form of gambler since. It is created thanks to the Ethereum blockchain making it possible and thanks to being open source it can be completely audited making it 100% fair for all. Over the last couple of years the platform keeps on making progress and soon we will see the full range of new possibilities. In the Augur review, I will talk about this groundbreaking development along with the pros and cons associated.

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The Augur Decentralized Platform

The US-based team of developers working on has paid close attention to making it easy and simple for new blockchain decentralized gamblers to motivate along with understanding how things work. The home page keeps you fully up-to-date along with providing information about the people behind the project. You can create your bet within only a few clicks and the signup process is done in almost no time at all.

The platform is completely decentralized which offers the greatest player protection. Not of the information is stored centralized which means it enables anonymous gambling to take place. Make sure you do not lose your password, however, as there is no way to recover it due to this. You can set up for an account with Airbitz which then makes it easier to create an encrypted account.

Enhanced Gambling Security

One of the key features of the site is the level of security and privacy that it provides gamblers. It enables anyone to create their bets and uses advanced encryption smart contracts to act as an automated middle-man providing complete decentralization. Due to having the added benefits of running on the ETH blockchain, it can run at a better performance rate compared with bitcoin gambling sites. It does not have any user information storage risks so it eliminates risks associated with real money transactions.

Decentralized Betting Process

It is simple to create a bet or place a wager on an event or market using the Augur decentralized betting platform. Located on the main page is a list of all the current choices to place wagers on along with the percentages available. There are many different unique options available that with the best research you can tilt the scales in your favor. There is a time limit on each of the slips which results are paid out by smart contracts verifying the result.  

Decentralized Betting Options

The platform is constantly being improved to make the process simpler, faster and more enjoyable for all to use. Its enhanced privacy and security make it one of the safest ways to place bets online along with providing greater odds thanks to cutting out the middle-man by using advanced smart contract technology. It makes it possible for anyone to become their own bookmaker by creating wagers on anything they can think of such as election results or currency values. The most popular bets are in sports, entertainment, economy, and politics so if your an expert at any of these fields you can capitalize with your insider knowledge.

Help & Support

The support options may be limited at Augur but they do not disappoint with speed. You can contact them via a page via their website or email them directly and they will reply shortly afterward. There is a general and technical helps pages where you can find common answers to regular questions along with a community where you can post and reply to topics about the platform. They also have a strong social presence with profiles on; FaceBook, Twitter, Reddit, and GitHub so you can engage with them the team of these websites.

Augur Mobile App

Due to the simplicity of designed Augur works perfectly on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone devices. It gives punters direct access to a decentralized platform which is anonymous and full of unique betting opportunities. There is presently no Augur mobile app but there are plans for the near future to create one but for now, it needs to be accessed through the site directly.

Free REP Tokens

One of the negative factors about Augur is the fact that there are no promotions or free REP tokens which are a vital resource for powering the unique characteristic of the platform. They are used to distribute the results of all the events along with escrow and reporting. Players get rewarded crypto when they guess the outcome of the events on offer.

Key Features

Augur is a decentralized prediction tool that uses real-world data and wagers to help predict outcomes of events such as sports or politics. It can be used to help find undervalued betting opportunities or gamblers can place wagers on a wide range of unique opportunities. Due to been decentralized it means anyone can gamble around the world as it uses the Ethereum blockchain to distribute the system around the globe. It only requires a wallet to be linked to play so players keep in full control of their funds along without having to register any personal information keeping their activity anonymous.

Augur Pros

There are far more positives than cons when in order Augur review as due to using groundbreaking Ethereum token technology it has created a unique platform that deals with real-world problems. The fact that it is open-source gives it transparency and trust along with decentralization making anonymous gambling possible. Below are the main pros:

Augur Cons

If you are looking for a single platform to find lots of amazing games you will not find it at Augur as it is so far only a decentralized betting predictions platform. If this is your type of niche then you will love it due to the amazing opportunities it presents. The site also does not have live chat which would be an added feature that would help along with some times can become unstable but that is improving all the time. It is lacking in bonuses and promotions which hopefully they will add some offers such as free REP tokens to help attract new players to try it out. Below are the main cons:

Final Thoughts

Both of the founders Joey Krug along with Jack Peterson hold an excellent reputation in the blockchain development space so the project is in safe hands. It is lacking many of the features such as games library, bonuses, free tokens, live chat and is a basic design but these are all things that the team is working around the clock to try to improve. It has been designed as a blockchain bettings predictions tool and is one of the best examples you will find so it is worth checking it out for yourself.

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