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Blockchain casino game sites 2019

Blockchain casino games 2020 are bringing complete transparency to the gambling sector thanks to making everything transparent by using the public blockchain. It means that there are records available so that anyone is able to carry out an audit to ensure all operations are running correctly with no manipulation. It makes this technology perfect for online casinos and gambling websites as players are able to completely trust the platform which has been greatly lackin

Blockchain Casinos

Trust is a vital component when gambling online and is one element that has been difficult to provide. It is impossible for players who place bets at traditional casino sites to know it the systems are fair or unfair. A house edge is used to give the casinos an advantage but without blockchain transparency, it is impossible for them to provide complete proof that everything is fair and above board.

New blockchain casino game platforms are revolutionizing the sector thanks to utilizing smart contracts which enable the auditing process to be verified is a completely transparent environment. The benefits do not stop there is the potential for uses of this tech is endless in the gambling space and over the next few years, we will see my innovations that will transform the industry.

Blockchain Casino Games Reviews

There are many fantastic new blockchain casino game sites that are due to launch in 2019 which we provide once they are fully functional and pass our audit and review standards. Below are the best crypto-based games websites and decentralized betting platforms that you can access instantly.

Edgeless Casino Review is powered by Ethereum and is the worlds first online gambling platform which does not have an house edge attached to the games which makes it the most profitable casino for gamblers. Instead the ETH technology makes it possible for users of each game to monitor the transactions which insures no manipulation of the games outcome can take place. This business model means that players are up to 5% better off due to zero money been taken from the profits of the blockchain casino games.

Casino Fair Review

One of the most exciting developments in the gambling arena is the launch of the first online casino powered by FunFair. That means that the blockchain games at CasinoFair use Fate Channels which ensure all the games are provably fair. A system called FairChecker is utilized that displays all of the information on each of the losses and wins along with protecting the servers from manipulation.

You can get 1,000 free FUN tokens from CasinoFair when you register at the site along with earning free crypto when you refer new players that join. Its casino blockchain games include crypto slots titles, video poker, baccarat, dice, roulette, blackjack and more. They are available to play in demo mode of for FunCoins.

Wagerr Review is a revolutionary decentralized blockchain sports betting platform that eliminates the requirements of a central authority by ecrowing stakes, verifying bet results and paying out winners. The platform is built so that anyone around the world can access the site and with its simply to navigate menu it is easy to buy WAG tokens to place bets.

What makes this crypto gambling site exciting is that anyone can invest into becoming a stakeholder and receive profits shares by holding onto the cryptocurrency built for gambling. It generates its profits through a unique system that systematically destroys all fees and eliminating the supply. By doing this it will ensure that the price of Wagger coins increase due to the dwindling supply. is unique in its approach to sports betting online as it uses the latest ETH blockchain technology to run all processes on an automated basis. This is done by oracles which use real world data to determine the outcome of bets which are then record on the blockchain.


EOSBet is a new blockchain casino site that uses smart contracts to offer a fully on-chain dApp gambling experience. The crypto games are limited so far but many are planned to be released in 2020 which will help to bring this platform to life. Already millions in bets have been placed on games such as Dice and Baccarat. It uses a different model to traditional casinos as it does not use centralized operating system which can result in costly frees, lack of transparency and trust. Instead it is able to offer zero fees, almost no latency along with virtual instant transactions.

What makes this blockchain casino platform stand out is that it is community driven which means that players can become direct investors. There are huge crypto bonuses for becoming part of its community as holders of BET tokens will enjoy a share of the profits determined by the amount of tokens they hold. It has already paid out more than $1 million in BET tokens and is transforming the way that casinos operator by eliminating the middleman.

Smart Contract Casinos

The traditional land-based casino has been in decline since the arrival of online gambling platforms due to the ease and convenience of placing bets via an internet connection instead of having to visit an establishment. At the start of the revolution, there were many operators looking to take advantage of this by scamming customers out of money. It gave the sector a bad name and over recent years it has become a lot better but there are still a number of sites that are out to scam players.

The implementation of blockchain smart contract casinos online is bringing in a brand new era of gambling using trustless contracts. There are a number of these crypto casino platforms that use the most popular coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The latest offerings, however, all have their own individual tokens that can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies at exchanges should players wish to cash out.

Blockchain-based Casinos And Smart Contacts

All countries around the world have their own set of gambling rules and commissions that oversea along with regulating. These are in place to protect players along with addiction from becoming problematic in their jurisdiction. They have helped to clean up the industry by making sure set procedures are carried out and so that unscrupulous behavior can take place. This has worked to a certain extent but it has also created one of the worlds largest black markets where gamblers access sites to place bets on overseas operators to get around gambling restrictions. Many of these sites have little regulation or none at all which puts players in risk but smart contract blockchain casino technology is going to put an end to all of these issues.

How Blockchain Based Casinos Work

The way that blockchain based casino sites work is different to traditional platforms as they provide all the transactions as they happen in real-time on a public online ledger. This is a peer-to-peer network that everyone who takes part has access to the ledger book so that if they wish they can validate each transaction. It is completely transparent and also all the transactions to be performed anonymously along with having the highest standards of encryption.

Ethereum Smart Contract Casinos

The average person around the world knows very little about cryptocurrency and most only have heard of Bitcoin which started the digital money revolution. One of its closest competitors in the space is Ethereum (ETH) which offers many advantages that are not possible with BTC. One of the those is the ability to add extra functionality as an extra layer that runs using smart contracts on the blockchain.

Smart contracts that use the Ethereum blockchain can create decentralized apps (DApps) which gives the ability for coders to add programs with conditions and set rules for each of the transactions. Instead of intermediaries required to check and oversee each transaction, smart contracts are able to handle all on their own without any third party involvement.

Blockchain Casino Games Benefits

There are many advantages that real blockchain casinos have that online traditional casino platforms do not possess. One of the biggest appeals is that they are decentralized apps when using smart contracts running on the ETH-based casino. These allow for far greater efficiencies that save vast sums of money in operational costs due to running autonomously without human intermediary involvement. Below are just a small sample of the benefits that posses compared to fiat-based models.

Decentralized Blockchain Payment Systems

Due to the fact that real blockchain casinos use decentralized payment systems through the use of cryptocurrency, it means that transactions can stay private. Smart contract gambling platforms payments are carried out directly via user to user. The smart code means that it can carry out the transaction on its own without middleman involvement. It makes it the fast way to transfer fund and no proof of identification is required at a large number of sites.

Ultra Low Or Zero House Edge Casino Games

Instead of using blockchain technology to increase a casino’s bottom line via cost saving, developers have come up with new ways to pass this saving onto gamblers. It provides blockchain-based casino games with an advantage over the competition which has helped fuel the interest. Many players are making the switch as they prefer the completely transparent provably fair set up compared with the traditional RNG software games. With sites such as Edgeless launching its platform with zero house edge, it has the potential to kill off the traditional games market as it is impossible for rivals using fiat-based models to achieve it. Why not give it a try without free tokens Edgeless (EDG) or read our recent review.

Trustless Blockchain Casino Games

The code that is used to run decentralized casino applications on the blockchain is auditable which means that it eliminates cheating or tampering from the system as it would become noticeable immediately. The use of smart casino contracts eliminates human error due to in most cases no third party interference is required.

Anonymous Blockchain Casinos

There have been many Ethereum based casino sites that have used this technology to provide gamblers with anonymity. These work by enabling direct peer to peer public key payments which require no processor for the transaction to take place. This means that it can create an anonymous blockchain casino due to no personal information requirements.

Blockchain Crypto Casinos

All of the best blockchain casino sites 2020 are decentralized no matter what type of cryptocurrency is used. It can be confusing knowing the difference for new players as there are a lot of marketing terms that promise but do not deliver. Real crypto casinos only allow payments in this format as the whole of the systems run transparently on the network.

Real Casino Blockchain

At we only review real blockchain casinos and avoid any platform that does not power all its games by using the latest crypto and smart contract decentralized technology. There are many online casino websites that advertise that they accept bitcoins and offer bonuses for players that deposit using this format but you will not get any of the true benefits by using these gambling sites. The best types that offer the greatest advantages are smart contract based games running on the ETH network.

Blockchain Casino Bonus 2020

When searching for the best smart contract ETH games sites of 2020 you must first have the knowledge of what makes a great crypto gambling platform. There are many sites that are still in early development that promise to deliver big things this year that have the potential to reshape the industry. With many free token promotions available you can try these platforms by using the Blockchain Casino bonus 2020 offers displayed below.

If you enjoy gambling make sure you do not miss out on the many greater rewards on offer at blockchain casino games sites 2020. If you become part of the community of one of the websites listed on our site and reviewed you stand a chance of becoming part of something which could have huge implications in the gambling sector. If your an early investor by buying tokens along with holding the currency you stand the chance to gain big if the platform is a success.

Traditional online casinos are still a lot more popular than Bitcoin or Ethereum counterparts but once more gamblers learn of the advantages they will start making the move fast. As they become more popular they will eventually take over as it makes the current casino business model obsolete.

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