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Statistics reveal that well above 60% of all Bitcoin planetary transactions are closely related to the gaming industry. The reality is, the introduction of cryptocurrencies in the gambling niche has led to faster speeds, higher security, ease of transactions, not forgetting anonymity. These are just but several benefits that come with new modern crypto betting sports platform technology.

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One of the main reasons why it is so popular to gambling on sports using crypto is because due to running on the blockchain they are decentralized in nature. What this means for the users is that they are guaranteed of no middle-man involvement as smart contracts are utilized to power the betting platforms. It means winning payouts can not be rejected as it is computer smart code that carries out the process autonomously.

Easier, Quicker and Secure Betting Payments

Suppose you place your wager at a traditional online betting platform. Perhaps you proceed to use your credit/debit card to initiate the deposit. After setting up the amounts you desire to bet, the next thing you should do is to insert the card number. You then need to validate the expiry date of the card, flip around your card to read the security code. When you look at it, this is a whole bunch of information that you will be sharing with the gambling website.

Regardless of whether you trust the bookmaker, it would help if you always stayed vigilant when sharing a tremendous amount of information with third-parties. When you switch to betting platforms that accept crypto to make deposits, the process is entirely different. As opposed to sharing personal information, all you give out is your crypto-wallet address. The next thing you do is make your deposit. Within seconds, the amounts you sent reflect in the bookmaker’s system, and you can start wagering immediately!

Anonymity Sports Betting

Following the ways cryptocurrencies are set up, the technology is revered as being a safer alternative for players when pitted against traditional payment gateways. Such are the benefits that come with using crypto-coins such as Bitcoin. Gambling becomes anonymous, as nobody can keep track of your deposits and withdrawals from your gaming accounts. However, to remain completely anonymous, you need to observe the necessary security measures.

An additional benefit of using cryptocurrencies with sports betting platforms is knowing that your transactions won’t reflect in your bank statements. More advantages include using cryptocurrencies in gambling platforms is the lack of third parties when you are transacting. A majority of gambling sites part with 1-4% on each card transaction, as you can believe, the fees are then passed on to gamers. The punter pays the price, or the bookmaker may charge the cost from their bonuses by giving players smaller and infrequent bonuses.

Gaming with Crypto On Sports

Cryptocurrencies, including the likes of Bitcoin, have revolutionized the sports betting segment. Crypto betting has been gaining popularity ever since it was launched. That is why many traditional gambling platforms now accept cryptocurrency as well as real money.

Starting from faster payments, lower transactional fees, and wholesome anonymity, it’s evident that cryptocurrencies and sports betting make a handsome couple. Using cryptocurrencies to make bets is as easy as it comes. Bitcoin, in particular, comes with a horde of advantages over the other cryptocurrencies in the market. Users don’t have to part with any fees when converting from fiat to Bitcoin regardless of their location.

Moreover, funds are transferred instantly into the blockchain bookmaker’s system, thus allowing gamers to start betting immediately if they wish so. All crypto betting transactions are instantaneous, unchangeable, and transparent but the user’s details stay private along with no gambling transaction shown on banking statements.

Our Take

In the recent five years, sports betting games accepting cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity. Today, there are hundreds online-based gambling platforms that either specialize in or accept cryptocurrencies as a payment option. Punters today enjoy faster, easier, and secure gambling platforms when they opt to use cryptocurrencies and crypto-based betting platforms.

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