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It is hard to keep up with the developments of cryptocurrencies and now with hundreds of different blockchains and thousands of cryptos available it is impossible for the average punter to fully understand the marketplace. There are lots of different applications that can use blockchain-based technology and in the gambling sector, we are seeing the amazing possibilities it presents. It enables new gaming tokens to be created using a unique ecosystem that is designed around player rewards and equally provably fair chances to win. 

Blockchain Casinos

EOS blockchain casinos possess more advantages when compared with bitcoin and others. Its super-fast network of decentralized miners enables casino games to run faster so it can cope with high volume gambling demand. The decentralized nature means that anonymous betting can take place opening up new OS-based gaming tokens to be created to power the platforms autonomously using smart contract technology.

EOS Blockchain Casinos

Blockchain technology is growing fast and becoming famous as different industries are warming up to this new-age technology. Every day allows us to witness new blockchain-based gambling solutions get introduced into the market to solve multiple solutions for corporates based in a different part of the world. With the continued blockchain growth, cryptocurrencies based on this technology have also benefited and cropped up. Cryptocurrencies have taken off in the last decade. EOS cryptocurrency today is one of the most used cryptos online. 

Decentralization is the most significant point blockchain-based platform, and technology has convinced different industries to get on board. Users are attracted by democracy and open call when and if they desire to take part in the blockchain-based project. Democracy and open calls are business models that were lacking in the last century. That said, EOS is one of the most significant cryptocurrency projects in the world. Let us learn more about EOS. 

EOS Explained

EOS official initial release was done in January 2018. Within six months of this release, EOS had exploded and was registered in the list of the most popular blockchain platforms operating online. Moreover, EOS’s rapid growth is attached to its simplicity. The main reason why this crypto platform exists is simple; EOS allows users to create their application on a decentralized operating system. 

The developed applications, in turn, come in handy by supporting large-scale functionalities. The applications are open-source and encourage businesses from all over the world to become part of the blockchain race. In essence, EOS.IO functions as a Smart Contract driven platform that permits and champions applications development on an industrial scale. The crypto coin provides outstanding scalability thanks to its parallel processing power. 

EOS blockchain platform’s core promise is to have users to become part-owners so that they can enjoy zero transaction fees when using the platform. In as much as EOS and Ethereum blockchain platforms are not in direct competition, the zero transactional fees feature gives EOS the clout it needs to threaten Ethereum. 

With such features and open-source policy, soon EOS will knock over Ethereum from the top altcoin position. Besides, the EOS blockchain platform is expediting millions of transactions every second, and the numbers are set to go up! 

EOS Casinos

After establishing the critical EOS network characteristics, we should now explain the ways you can wager tokens granted to you by this platform. As a token holder, you should feel lucky that various websites allow you the chance to place bets with your tokens. 

To start with, punters can play a straightforward dice game at EOSBet online. The house edge on the game is almost 0%, and the platform is classified as provably fair. Besides, players can participate in a never-ending game of baccarat that deals the cards every single minute. The game is a modernized version of the beloved classic card game. Moreover, the EOS blockchain platform has made it possible for developers to create casino games. They also use EOS tokens as the primary currency. 

With this open-source policy, new games are being introduced into the market almost every day. The EOS token gives users a variety of options they can use. Casinos from across the globe are using EOS and its popularity and encouraging punters to use the EOS tokens. Users only need to open their normal browser to search for casinos that accept EOS tokens as a payment processor. 

Final Thought

EOSBet is a platform that is growing fast. It’s also one of the most stable cryptocurrencies in the market today. Having this notion in mind, it’s sensible to use this token to play the game of chance of provably fair platforms. For users that love blockchain gambling with provably fair games, that provide top-notch security, they get to enjoy games being developed and released daily. 

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