New Crypto Based Gaming Models Use Blockchain Protocol

Crypto Based Gaming

Crypto Based Gaming

Blockchain was brought into the fray as a platform that facilitates cryptocurrency transactions. However, through the years, its base continues to expand, and today the technology covers numerous aspects such as immutability, distributed data, and the recently discovered infinitely expanding capacity that makes bitcoin an ideal platform for the ever-advancing video gaming ecosystem.

Blockchain Casinos

Blockchain Gaming Benefits

Just like everything else, blockchain comes with its fair share of virtues and vices, some of the pros associated with developing a game around blockchain tech include:

Blockchain Gaming Disadvantages

The biggest hurdle with the new age tech is speed. The platform is too slow and rubs off players participating in real-time multiplayer game the wrong way. As of now, simple action in a multi-player game triggers a plethora of stage changes that need to be verified. Additionally, each multiplayer game on the blockchain platform needs to have its own currency for it to qualify at the state changes, which contributes to the slow progress.

Popular Blockchain-Based Casino Games

There are many great new blockchain casino sites which you will find reviews of the most popular on our website. Platforms such as Casino Fair, Edgeless and FairPlay Casino are the current most played but the competition is growing each month as more developers enter the gaming space. Players are yet to fully embrace cryptocurrency in their gaming which is unfortunate since they’re perfect for micro-transactions. They provide gamers with an option of trading their in-game currencies outside the game.

Blockchain Casino Tech Unique Benefits

In as much as blockchain tech comes with unique benefits, these seem to be tailored for certain kinds of games. Since the tech has yet to evolve and fully cater to real-time gaming, players are, however, yet to be convinced of its viability. On the upside, blockchain-based casino games offer users engaging gameplay. As time goes, we shall start seeing the significant changes and benefits blockchain technology will bring to the video gaming sector!

Gaming Developers Pursuing Blockchain Advantages

As much as cryptocurrencies are all the rage now, gamers were among the first batch of people that embraced digital currencies. Given how fast eSports is growing, it will not be surprising when the industry starts offering cryptocurrency payments. Below we find out why the gaming sector is embracing blockchain tech.

Halting Fraud in Online Casino Gaming

Avid online casino gamers will attest to the growing trend of in-game purchases, everyday freemium games are being introduced, and there’s a huge market for virtual items including virtual cards and game skins for certain games. The platform is proving to be lucrative for developers as they continue discovering more revenue streams. Unfortunately, for the gaming industry, every legal transaction is plagued by many fraudulent ones.

Blockchain casino technology has come in to eliminate the problem. It authenticates individual transactions through smart contract standards including the ERC-155 reference implementation and the ERC-721 non-fungible token. Through these platforms, transactions are done via smart contracts making it hard for fraudulent activity to take place since each purchase must be made via smart contracts.

A big chunk of online games is running in-game currencies and take advantage of the gamers by charging them exorbitant prices, leaving them unprotected from hackers, and refusing to allow them to sell in-game items to recoup monies spent. By integrating blockchain tech, the gaming economy becomes a more transparent and honest marketplace in which fraudulent activities and developer dominance and law become a thing of the past.

Centralized Casino Servers

For online casino games to thrive, they need to be hosted and maintained on servers. Once the game surpasses the profitability space, game developers opt to cut down expenses and deleting the game from servers thus ending up disappointing die-hard fans. However, by introducing the blockchain casino platform, there are gaming genres that will run forever and remain accessible after their popularity wanes.

Revenue Streams

With the introduction of the blockchain casino tech platform, developers stand to gain from selling games. Steam is a digital marketplace that allows gamers to buy in-game items from wherever they’re. After playing the game and smashing all levels, they can choose to sell it to another party thus recouping their investment, some of which will be paid to the developer.

By adopting casino blockchain tech into the gaming industry, communities playing these games are welcome to make/alter the games and share their attributes with others. Skyrim gaming platform is one that allows players to make mods and the ones made are quite interesting and add a lot of content on the game. The developers wanted to initially charge gamers making the alterations a decision that was shot down by the gaming community. Instead, now they’re compensating players by letting them earn digital currencies when they play, and they can use the funds to purchase in-game items and enjoy the modifications.

Final Thoughts

It’s evident that we are at the beginning of what will soon become the blockchain casino gaming revolution. But for it to take effect, there are loads of hurdles that we need to bypass, soon as we do this, all multi-player games will run exclusively on the blockchain!

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