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Gambling With TRON

TRON Gambling

A recently launched cryptocurrency known as Tron (TRX) is changing the gaming world. Having been introduced slightly over a year ago, Tron is quickly becoming one of the most potent cryptocurrencies in the world. Its popularity is so significant that it’s platform today surpasses that of established cryptos such as Ethereum and its dApp platform. Tron crypto is developed and run by a company based in Singapore. 

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Its quick and successful rollout into the market is attributed to the company’s recent announcement that in the next three years, it will be investing $100 million. The amount will be primarily used for a game fund for blockchain gaming named Tron Arcade. Moreover; Tron is heavily invested in online gaming, and aspect that has changed the gaming atmosphere completely. Punters that want a reliable digital currency offering quick, and unhackable payment methods in online casino games, they better switch to Tron! 

The Online Gambling Future

The team that has designed Tron is set to develop a blockchain that will not only be decentralized but one that will reward TRX tokens to content developers. The Tron platform is intended to be fair, transparent, and beneficial to players. As at this time, the TRX market cap stands at $887,940, 537. The Tronix token’s value stands at $0.01. Blockchain technology has significantly lowered transaction fees bringing them to $0.002 on this platform. 

Users can use the Tronix coin to buy content or make sales. They can also exchange the Tronix tokens for other crypto coins. Moreover, the TRX developers have created an open platform that encourages other blockchain technologies to integrate with Tron. By the time we were creating this article, there were over 10 million users using wallets on the Tron platform. 

Tron (TRX) Cryptocurrency

Tron is among the top 5 virtual currencies in use today. On the Tron platform, dApps are the most popularly used in gaming. Developers are harnessing the potential that arises from combining the gaming platform with digital currencies. Just recently, the Tron network developed and distributed TRONEXT. It has a dice game that has been linked to TronLink a wallet interface for users on the Tron platform along with other blockchain casino games. Punters with this wallet have their payments as well as losses transacted instantaneously. 

TRONEXT and others are other variations of widely used popular games in which players use TRX tokens. 

Tron’s CEO (Justin Sun) the other day held a press conference announcing to the world that TRONbet is a new set of games developed on the Tron platform. Users can purchase TRX tokens to play these games. The CEO also said that gamers had won over 200 million Tronix in winnings. The records go to show that a swarm of players is already preferring using the Tron crypto as their preferred currency. 

Regarding specific gaming details, games such as TronDice allow users to place a wager that is up to 6 dices. Players get to roll the dice to reveal a number ranging from 1-6. Afterward, they get to know whether they have won or lost instantly. Their winnings or losses are adjusted accordingly in their associated crypto wallets. The transaction speed isn’t dependent on the transaction volume, fortunately. 

BetTronLive is a Tron-based dApp that has registered massive results. Through this dApp punters have won over 3 billion Tronix betting since last October.  

Our Thoughts

Tron TRX crypto is one of the most ambitious as far as the gambling industry is concerned. The Tron platform holds a wealth of innovative games and content that have mind-blowing results. We urge both novice gamblers and pro players that may not know about Tron to expand their research further. They should jump in on this golden opportunity now that the token costs are still low.

Investing and holding on to the token will prove to be fruitful when the world learns of this crypto and gambling platform. Tron remains among the best-suited contestants with the best chance of taking over the gambling sector. 

Tron is leading the world to embrace a fully decentralized environment appreciated by a global audience. The platform is championing transparency and immutability, where its rapidly growing results are proof enough why gamers should embrace the new age of gambling! 

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