What Are Blockchain Casinos And How Do They Work?

There are many different prototypes of blockchain casino sites that are available online which can make it extremely confusing for players to know the pros and cons of each. With revolutionary decentralized sports betting platforms such as Wagerr and provably fair casinos such as FairPlay the industry has never experienced such a shakeup. In this article, I will talk about the merits of this new form of a platform that uses ETH and EOS to bring in a new era of gambling games.

How Traditional Casinos Operate

It is important to understand how a traditional casino works so that you can understand the risks involved along with your chances to win. All the best casinos use RNG software which creates a random number generated by an algorithm on the site’s servers. Due to the fact that the processes are not completely transparent, it has been known for rogue operators to take advantage of punters ensuring the operator always wins.

Over the last 20 years of casino games, developers have been able to push the boundaries and design code that learns how players betting habits. This information is then used by the algorithm to benefit the house and squeeze more money from the gamblers. There are many other ways that operators have managed to create to manipulate the scales further in their favor.

How Blockchain Casinos Operate

It is important to understand the problem that blockchain casinos have been designed to overcome to improve the gambling experience for all players. The major issue that they had to overcome was to ensure that the games offered a better chance to win along with making sure everything is transparent. The present system as described above is open to manipulation which crypto-based models have been able to overcome.

How Blockchain Casinos Offer Zero House Edge

If blockchain casinos offered the same house edge as traditional platforms it would not make them as attractive. That is not the case and new sites such as Edgeless Casino have achieved the impossible by providing players with a zero edge rate. It means that each bet placed has an equal chance of winning which is not possible with traditional gambling platforms.

The house edge is required at traditional casinos to provide the operator with a certain profit which means that you are certain to lose when playing over a long time period. Blockchain casino sites, however, generate their profits via the games token increasing in value so therefore they are removing any requirement for generating profit from the games.

Decentralized Advantages For Gamblers

Many new platforms on the way such as ZenSports are completely decentralized in nature which is a huge advantage gained by gamblers. The first problem it overcomes is that fact that anyone can access it and place bets. It also means that the games cannot be manipulated in any way as they are not hosted on the casino’s server. Instead, they are transparent on the blockchain with all components such as the code available to be checked.


If you like the sound of blockchain casino games why not try them out with one of the free gambling token giveaways that have no deposit requirements. Alternatively, you do not have to gamble to profit from this revolution as you can become part of the house and enjoy huge profits through crypto platforms such as EOSBet. It is only the start so expect lots of beneficial developments on the way to make sure you keep up-to-date by bookmarking our review and bonus site.

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