What Makes Crypto Gambling Sites So Special

There are many different reasons why cryptocurrency is becoming so popular and it has proven over the last decade that it is here to stay. What makes it so special is that each coin has different characteristics which present solutions to overcome current issues or improve the system. One of the main sectors that are pushing boundaries with this form of technology is the gaming sector which has created state of the art crypto gambling site applications that aim to clean up and transform online betting.

Gambling Payment Systems

The present payment systems in play at real money gambling sites have many problems which crypto can help solve. One of the major issues is that many fiat-based payment options are restricted to certain countries. They are used to stop gamblers playing at casinos or placing bets in areas where gambling is banned. Cryptocurrency does not have these restrictions as it is decentralized so no one controls it which means therefore that it can be restricted in any way. It means anyone wishing to place a bet can do so without having any problems making deposits or receiving payouts.

Cost, Speed, And Simplicity

Traditional online casinos get many complaints about the length of time payments to take along with invasive procedures to verify identity. Cryptocurrency beats real money transactions on all the different elements include speed and cost. Most gambling platforms that accept crypto do not have a fee attached and the payouts are instant. This is a major time and cost-saving for gamblers which is helping to attract new players. 

Most crypto casino and decentralized betting sites do not require any registration to take place as everything can be transacted through a unique wallet address. It means that players can stay anonymous when gambling as no personal information is required. This makes a far simpler, faster and private compared with traditional platforms which are greatly appealing to gamblers.

Crypto Based Games On The Blockchain

Gaming developers have managed to create new games that are fully verified on the blockchain including the random number generated. Utilizing advanced programming a crypto gambling coin can be created that follows set rules and is fully automated by smart contracts. These games due to their transparency and zero running costs via automation can reduce the house edge to a level not possible at real money platforms.

Provably Fair Crypto Gambling Sites

As discussed above, new crypto gambling games have been created to run on the blockchain and you will find a great example of this by visiting TrueGame. Read our True Game review to find out more about this site that only offers provably fair titles. It works by using the cryptographic hash functions to produce the RGN which can not be altered in any way as it is completely independent. 

Provably fair gambling is something that, for now, is exclusive to cryptocurrency gambling. It is revolutionary, making it impossible for the casino or the player to cheat at whatever game is being played. The mathematical algorithms are open source and work without any third-party involvement on the block. With a public ledger trail of all bets, it means that unlike traditional platforms everything is transparency and available for anyone to investigate.

The House Always Wins

One of the unique characteristics of new smart contract crypto gambling sites powered by either EOS, ETH or TRON can enable players to become part of the house. It is achieved through clever mathematics that ensures profits but also guarantees the lowest house edge rates and best betting odds. Due to the automation possibilities that coded contracts that run on these networks can produce, it means it can handle dividend end payments without any human involvement which makes it achievable. So if you want to be guaranteed a winner like a house, you can by simply purchasing the token of the platform.

Final Thoughts

Crypto gambling casinos and decentralized betting sites are still new so there will be a few problems along the way. What is certain is that once this technology is fully perfected it will have major implications on the sector going forward. Blockchain games platforms offer far superior outcomes for gamblers in all areas and most importantly they guarantee fairness. No longer can rogue operators hide in the background scamming gamblers as smart contracts that can not be manipulated take over the whole operational process.


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