What Makes A Real Blockchain Casino Platform

Due to the vast sums of money that can be earned through gambling websites, it has attracted fraudster to set up sites to attempt to rip of gamblers. If punters do not know what to look out for it is easy for them to gamble at these platforms and lose their money. The solution to this problem is real blockchain casino platforms as if implemented correctly it makes fraud impossible. There have been many attempts to pull the wool over player’s eyes by scam companies advertising that they have crypto-based honest gaming but that is not the case. In this article, I will talk about what makes up a cryptocurrency casino that you can trust.

Zero Real Money Options

If an online gambling website accepts both crypto and real money it is not a real blockchain casino sites. The reason for this is that to be completely decentralized the platform must be powered by only cryptos as otherwise, it will require the storage of money in the system, therefore, it is not decentralized. Watch out for casinos that advertise that they accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as they are traditional sites that only have a payment option rather than true blockchain gaming.

Public Ledger On Display

A distributed public ledger is a worldwide network that not one single individual owns or controls. Due to this, it is one of the most vital company that real blockchain based casinos must have in order to ensure fair play. Rather than the random number generated to produce the outcome of games on the sites own servers they are produced on the blockchain which means no one can alter the outcome. All bets are publicly displayed so that checks by the general public can be carried out to ensure fairness.

Edgeless Blockchain Casino Games

One of the reasons why millennials have fallen out of love with gambling is that they know that the gambling site will always have an advantage over them. The house edge which is a rate set for each game played guarantees a profit for the operator so when playing games punters will always end losing over the long-term. Real crypto blockchain casinos are able to produce games that do not have the required for the platform to make money via gaming as the business model is focused on the growth of the token or crypto used to power the platform.

Casino Bankrolling Possibilities

Punters can now invest in blockchain online casinos and ensure turning a profit which is something completely new in the industry. There are two ways that gamblers can make profits via investment opportunities. The first is by buying the crypto attached to the platform which if the site gained popularity the price will increase but there is a risk attached as if it does not perform well the value could go down. The second way is by using blockchain casino bankrolling opportunities found at platforms such as EOSbet.io and Wagerr.io which provide profit dividends each month to all users that have invested.


Only real blockchain casinos are reviewed on our website so you can be sure if you access any of the platforms listed that you will get a trust crypto gambling experience. While all of the above may not be available most of the components that make the true cryptocurrency gaming are so make sure to read each review to find the site that has the key features you are searching for.

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